Know You Are Earth

Grounded amidst the chaos, learn from Nature-our greatest teacher.

#1 way: Use your pain for the world as a wonderful resource for transformation!

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“Never does Nature say one thing and Wisdom another “

-Juvenal 2AD

My name is Maryjane Claydon.

I am a yurt dwelling home educating yogic permaculturist.

I am here to help Earth Activists like you create thought patterns that uplift, inspire, activate you to

live and serve fully

as the magical, powerful human being you are.

Are you…

  • Freaked out by what’s happening on our planet?

  • Dismayed by the fear and anger in the nightly news?

  • Emotionally exhausted by the messed-up culture we live in today?

The aching pain we feel as we experience the horrors of today’s world are because we are intimately connected to each other, to this beautiful planet and to all life.


You’re Not Alone!

The Wisdom of Life is pulsing through YOU.

I provide a complete framework to take you from this disillusionment, disempowerment and despair to a place of peaceful power and passion where You are part of creating a world where everyone wins.

Learn From Nature

The No. 1 way to transform the pain you feel for the world into a power for good