There is a way to show our children and grandchildren

a Wisdom, wider than they teach at school,

a Belonging, deeper than being popular,

a Fulfillment, richer than the next to

Remembering that we are part of Nature.

THE essential skill for continuing human life.

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What will I learn?

  • Become aware of birds around you like never before.
  • Hear birdsong as if for the first time.
  • Connect to Nature’s secret agents daily.
  • Your mind will lighten, your heart will lift, moments of magic will enter your life.
  • Arouse your ancient knowing that You Are Nature (yes even in the middle of a city!)
  • Deepen your sense of belonging to the world 

What is included?

1. Video guidance:

  • Step by step, detailed videos.
  • Relevant to all environments


2. Workbook:

  • Record your observations.
  • Questions to guide you deeper


3. BONUS! Games:

For you, and all children in your life.

  • Inspire increased awareness that we are all part of Nature

Use birdsong as a portal.. your true nature

€49, four weeks guidance, for you and yours

How does it work?

  • Once you sign up you will receive one lesson each week for four weeks via email.
  • The lessons are a series of videos giving you a step by step process to locating a bird to connect with.
  • The workbook is a place for you to map your journey. It also provides additional questions and reflections. 
  • The games are ways to deepen your understanding of being intrinsically part of Nature.



How will I have time for this in my busy life?

  •  You will always have access to the teachings so you can go at your own pace. 
  • Almost all of the activities take place in the rhythm of everyday life.

Who is it for?

  • This course is for people of all ages and all environments who yearn to root themselves in Being Nature.
  • For those who want to tune into the magic of birds for the first time
  • For long time birders to connect at a deeper level.
  • For those who ache to feel more connected to Nature, even in a city.
  • For those who want their children to have a deeper sense of being Nature.

Begin this wonderful journey

Maryjane is a modern day sage with immense wisdom to share. She walks her talk as an earth lover and guardian with great integrity and brings a fresh and deeply needed approach to resolving the challenges we face globally.

Rooting herself in ancient, universal wisdom, she transmits a new possibility for our relationship with earth.

I would recommend her writings, courses and programs to all activists, change-makers and anyone wanting to wake up to a more empowered and vibrant relationship to life.

Sophie Jane Mortimer

Communications Consultant

The opportunities to experience joy, intrigue and magic have multiplied since I met Maryjane. I love her enthusiasm and spirit. It is infectious.

Just listening to her podcasts and videos is like being guided into hidden worlds by a fairy.

What I find most intriguing is that the journeys with Maryjane somehow transform real life in a very practical yet magical way. Birdsong is one of those magical ways.

Paul Widdershoven

Between the noise, rush and anxiety of our world,

unnoticed and yet with us everywhere…. is everyday magic.

The birds, Nature’s messengers can take you there.

I will show you how to tune into them,

even in the middle of a city

A bit about me:

My name is Maryjane. I sewed a yurt and took my children to live remotely so that they could be educated by Nature.

Deep in the middle of nowhere, I could feel the birdsong affecting me and I started to wonder……

“What would be the effect on us as individuals, as a culture, as world creators 

if we tuned into the birds rather than the constant news of daily disaster? 

How would we think, feel, behave, towards each other and the world


I began to research and discovered amazing things

which confirmed my own experiences….
I have long felt grief and despair about the way we treat each other and Earth.
I knew that the changes we long for have to happen on the inside first
guess what…..!
Listening to birdsong
changes the way we think and feel
about each other and the world around us….
and even changes the way we behave,
becoming more generous and thoughtful!!!


But it goes even deeper.

Developing a connection with a wild animal or bird
creates a energetic thread
between us and the wild world.
I went to extreeem! lengths to close the gap between my family and the natural world,
but you do not have to do that!
I have created a simple step by step course to
discover exactly where, in your daily life, 
there is a bird watching you,
and how to create a relationship
that will never let you down,
a relationship with no hidden agenda, 
but just the joyful acceptance and certainty of Nature.



€49, four weeks guidance, for you and yours

I feel like there’s a magic string that connects me with them.
They sing a new hope into my heart
Ann-Lie Brattas

You cannot help but be inspired by Maryjane. She will lead you on a path of discovery. A path that takes you back to the wonder and beauty of nature and a door that will open your heart to the splendor of who you are. 

Carol Lucis

Accountant/Yoga teacher

Hello, I am Raquel and it has been very special to me to deepen my connection with birds.

At first I was I bit indecisive which bird would offer his attention but relaxing was the key for letting reality present at her own time 🙂

Welcome dear Blackbird and thank you for this journey.

And thank you for this lovely feather you left just below the front door of my car. 


Develop a relationship that will never let you down

 a relationship with no hidden agenda,

that sings with joyful certainty

of the Great Song of Life

Stress on Earth is increasing…

Science proves that birds remind us

of what we really need to know….

we are part of Nature.

Now more than ever before, this is crucial to remember. 

Let’s remember together…

€49, four weeks guidance, for you and yours