watching the eddies know you are earth

The Cave of Winter where all things enter so that the dreams of possibility may be implanted while we sleep.

Nature teaches us that this time is necessary. To lie silent in the dark and let the unseen movement transform us.

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Although we still have a lot of Winter to go, already the birdsong has a different flavour in its sound as imperceptible to us, the days already begin to lengthen.

There is a promise in their song that Spring will return, but it is not yet time. There are more dreams to be dreamt.

My name is Maryjane. I am sitting in a forest of fog. the soil here is still soft, although outside, in the field, it is iron.

Welcome to this year. May the dreams of infinite possibility implanted in our Hearts and minds be made manifest in our speech and actions. May these sounds of nature remind us that we are part of all Life.