Rain on the Roof.

watching the eddies know you are earth

I wonder if you know what this sound is?

It is pouring with rain and it is the sound of the rain on the yurt roof.

Beautiful human creatures we are, growing out of this planet with our magnificent bodies and minds, and incredible power of the imagination.

Everything we have created began with an imagination. In these times of apparent challenge, we have this wonderful opportunity to use these challenges to fuel us to focus our minds on what we would prefer.


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Every single disaster we hear on the news or on a scientific report , can be taken as a resource, as a treasure to remind us again and again and again to use this power unique to humans to focus, not just with our minds, but with our feelings, on the world our hearts know is possible.

This incredible potential within us all.

And there goes the rain cloud. We are just left with the drips from the trees. Can you hear them?

As we grow on the surface of this planet, all that we do in being part of the changes of Earth, is just part of the endless changes of Earth.

There is this paradox isn't there? On one hand there is this world we know is possible, that we feel in our Hearts. The potentila of the human being.

But to get to that place, to really reach that place, I believe we have to face the death, have a near death experience of this world as we know it.

As we face full on, that fear and grief and not knowing and surrender into accepting the never ending change rather than fighting against it or clinging on, to hold everything stable, then we are transformed, and then we will create the world that our Hearts know is possible.

Know you are earth. Know you are rain. Know you are wind and Know you are fire, and Know you have been here forever and will be here forever.

What a wonderful joy and incredible awe this gives us!

What lightness and brightness to this temporary life!

It is possible right now, and in that lightness and brightness, we discover we are already here! We are already in the world that our hearts know is possible.

May our minds expand and warp away from our normal understandings until we find joy in each changing moment.