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Choose Your Grooves:

The Podcast for Visionaries,

broadcasting from the inside out.


In our Hearts, we know that a Kinder World is possible.
A world where we live in such appreciation of these magnificent bodies and this stunning planet, that living in harmony with each other and Earth is quite, quite normal.

There is a Wisdom flowing through each one of us.
It is the Creative Intelligence that shapes the whole universe and creates with such abundant diversity,
As we relax into this Wisdom, we discover within, Visions of the World our Hearts Know is Possible’.

Raw and vibrant from a forest in France, Nature sounds awaken the ancient blueprint within us that knows exactly how to live in harmony with the planet, each other and ourselves.
We find the seeds inside us of Awe, Wonder, Gratitude and Humility.

We realise a Respected Earth, the World in Peace, and Enough for Everyone.

Together we create the inside out ‘news’.
We broadcast our visions, our vibrations, the inspired certainty of the potential we can all feel inside, out into the universe.
Thank you for your intention and focus. You are a powerful force.
Together we are a powerful team.


The Why, What and How of Visionary Broadcasting and a bit about me, Maryjane.

Creating the World Our Hearts KNOW is Possible.

Our guts, our cells and our bones know it too!

Image: Julento photography

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