A journey of gaining confidence and experiencing joy

through the power of making sweet music together.

From bedroom musician…..




 …..  to Open Mic!?*


In this series of 4 workshops

I will help you to optimize the positive effects offered by “performance adrenaline”

so that you just want to get up and do it again…

See below for an overview:

For someone who secretly,

would LOVE

to have the confidence to get up

and sing in front of other people…


The MAIN thing that holds people back from singing in front of others is confidence. Yes! Singing in front of other people is a vulnerable activity.

The sounds you are making are coming out of your body, expressing your spirit. Singing is one of the most intimate things you can do, every part of you is engaged and you are putting it all on display for people.

No wonder you feel nervous.  Yet it is also a way to access your tremendous power…

The thrill of a live performance enhances endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline levels in the body increasing the feeling of happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, safety and reward.

1st day: Moving the body and feeling the sound inside.

Melody, harmony, rhythmn and improvisation.

2nd day: Develop, deepen and gain confidence with melody, harmony, rhythmn and improvisation from the first lesson,

3rd day: Continue develpement of voice, introduction to using a microphone and being filmed. 

4th day: Preparation for performance, culminates in private open mic.

Throughout the series of workshops, I will teach 4 aspects:

  1. Familiarity with your instrument
  2. Singing possibilities, melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation
  3. The relaxed confidence for performing
  4. Songs to uplift and sing together

This workshop is designed for a group of 6-10 people.