Discover The Joy Of Endlessly Belonging…

Despite The Craziness In This World

Nature’s Path Can Take You There

What if we are here… not to change the world,

but to be changed by Her?


If our pain at what we have become, is a gift? So that we long for reconciliation.

If our alienation from the horror we have inflicted upon Earth, is an invitation? To be welcomed home, living as belonging to Life.

If our overwhelm and despair is a loving call? To the quiet beneath the noise, the stillness between the rush, the trust beyond the anxiety.

If this crisis is our chance? To clear away that which no longer works and clarify what draws us forward.

If this time is a resource? For motivation, inspiration and dedication to never forget, to look deeply and marvel at the incredible magic of Being.

What if the world is our guide? To living in reverence, awe, gratitude and humility of the most awesome wonder of experiencing that we exist…

for a moment…

Slip between the noise, rush and anxiety of a busy world

Re-awaken childlike wonder and return to the magic

Know you are surrounded by Nature where ever you are

A bit about me:

I see now that my whole life has been a search to belong to a world that made sense.

A world, where being alive, together as human beings, on this most incredible, beautiful planet, is celebrated in awe and wonder as an honour and privilege.

To live aware of this Natural Magic.

It hasn’t been like that.

As a child, something just didn’t feel right about the way we were expected to be.

As an adult, my best efforts to make a positive impact felt like superficial actions.

As a mother, I ran away in desperate hope of some better way of living.

I eventually discovered that what I had been searching for was here all the time….

…on the inside…

  • A Radiant And Joyful Life Awaits You…

I Will Help You Return Home

To The Magic Where You Belong

Use your pain for the world as a power for good

Find and feel Nature’s unstoppable power within you

Discover you are accepted and loved just as you are

Maryjane is a modern day sage with immense wisdom to share. She walks her talk as an earth lover and guardian with great integrity and brings a fresh and deeply needed approach to resolving the challenges we face globally.

I would recommend her writings, courses and programs to all activists, change-makers and anyone wanting to wake up to a more empowered and vibrant relationship to life.

Sophie Jane Mortimer

The opportunities to experience joy, intrigue and magic have multiplied since I discovered Maryjane.

Just listening to her podcasts and videos is like being guided into hidden worlds by a fairy.

What I find most intriguing is that the journeys with Maryjane somehow transform real life in a very practical, yet magical way. Birdsong is one of those magical ways.

Paul Widdershoven

You cannot help but be inspired by Maryjane.

She will lead you on a path of discovery.

A path that takes you back to the wonder and beauty of Nature and a door that will open your heart to the splendour of who you are.

Carol Lucis

Hello, I am Raquel and I joined “Know You Are Earth” with Maryjane because I was feeling disconnected from the world and from myself.

This course really took my attention.

Besides loving Nature I loved the webinar about the magic of birdsong and their impact in our daily lives. 

It was very special to me give more attention and nourish the relation with birds during the course and, as we practiced the proposed exercises, the connection with earth emerged and deepen in a natural way. The barriers dissolved.

This course invites us to look at everyday life, mankind and nature from different angles and points of view.

With simplicity and joy, it turns our attention to the essential.

I became lighter, more conscious and able to embrace the magical in my daily life.


To work with Maryjane was a blessing at the right time for me.
I was burnt out because I didn’t listen to my body and felt so much stress.

This was a lifeboat that has saved me in many ways.

I am so thankful to Maryjane for giving me these cracks to slip through.
And also for the body prayer that feels like it belong to me and Mother Earth.

Thank you thank you thank you so much.
I strongly recommend it, it makes you feel more connected to the wonderful earth, animals, trees and nature we are living together with.

I notice the birds in a new way. I hear them,and I see them and feel them. They help me relax and give me more connections to the earth.

I feel like there’s a magic string that connects me with them.

They sing a new hope into my heart.


This course has significantly changed my life. I have a higher deeper, broader perspective of the connection to nature and my part in it. 

I both see and hear better paying attention to the forever transforming atoms moving in and out of me/us!
My gratitude for life and for Maryjane’s work is filling my heart every day….. accompanied by the chorus of bird song

Charlotte Wennegram

Maryjane’s Slip Through The Cracks Immersion:

I highly recommend this to everyone as for me it has been a magical journey filled with awe and wonder and connection to Nature, Birds and Life.

 Maryjane’s wisdom, passion and practices are so uplifting.

Her teachings showed me how to transform with all the doom and gloom we hear everyday, into gratitude of and for life and how like Nature we can regenerate and restore. I feel like I belong to Life again.

It has been a transformational journey and so Uplifting.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Maryjane for your practices, Wisdom and Passion.

I hear bird song and am filled with Joy, Faith and Gratitude and am so Grateful I am alive. 

Gayle Pilon

You have done amazing things for me Maryjane.

When I first met you I was feeling very sad about life and seeing my existence as pointless, destructive and polluting. 

Your words really struck a chord. You are genuine, not phony. You’re heartfelt and loving. You believe. You made me believe, through your kindness and sincerity.

Your podcasts have really helped me appreciate what is most important to me in life, to aim to live in the here and now (it’s a learning process and not always easy), appreciate what beauty surrounds us, Nature’s gifts which we are privileged to enjoy and share. To understand what wealth really means.

Your beautiful, smiling welcome and your illustrative narrative, draws me into your world of simpler living, with heart soaring birdsong and woodland magic, which lifts my spirits during dark days and reminds me I’m not alone.

I’ve just started reading ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible’ by Charles Eisenstein and I am so thankful that folk like you are putting anxiety and fear of change aside, to encourage me to see beyond the sad and broken world that overwhelms and paralyses me.

Shining a gleam of light, that doesn’t blind with power, but beckons me to explore further, so I can see there is a humble and gracious path to tread that can keep me safe from the abyss of greed, envy and hopelessness.

Anna Ballard

Maryjane’s process became my daily sacred space – the practice and support that Maryjane gives really feels like you are being supportively held as you dive into this amazing journey.

Maryjane has developed a process that feels effortless and easy – enjoyable! And also provides huge shifts in energy and how you feel.

In the space of a few minutes of listening to one of the steps, I can feel my mindset shifting and any heavy thought processes lifting.

The process is very empowering as it becomes easy to tune into using the tools and feeling just how effectively you can shift the way you feel.

The process has also provided many insights and I feel I know myself better, my emotional patterns, my thought forms – and everything just feels more whole. The way I prioritise, make time and go about my day feels more mindful.

This is a wonderful journey that I know I will return to again and again as I gain more and more insights and knowledge about myself.

Bethan Carr

  • A Radiant And Joyful Life Awaits You…

I Will Help You Return Home

To The Magic Where You Belong