Homegrown Singing

Singing releases Oxytocin, Dopamine and Endorphins into the body.

Oxytocin reduces stress and anxiety and increases happiness.

Dopamine induces a feeling of pleasure and reward.

Endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller and increase the sense of well-being.

It is chemical!

Singing is good for you.

Since the begining of time we have sung….for joy, celebration, grief

…to accompany work and devotion, to soothe and aid healing

(all without worrying about having a ‘good’ voice or ‘getting it right’…your voice is as unique as your fingerprint)

Song has always been a part of life binding community together

Singing is your birthright.


Reclaim it!

Life can feel stressful.

World gone mad, out of controlI

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, tense, anxious, an undercurrent of stress

Reducing your stress and increasing your happiness

affects every area of your life.

You make better decisions, relax more and have kinder interactions.


One Day Musical Retreat

Release your Fear   Connect to your Power

Gain confidence singing in a small group

Relax into your true voice

Create rhythms with your body

Experience the power and joy of singing together

Have a lot of Fun and feel better



“Everyone can sing. But many people lack the courage. Maryjane has an infectious enthusiasm and loads of experience that will give you the confidence. And you’ll have lots of fun in the process.  Never say never!!”


From Bedroom Musician to Open Mic

Relinquish Your Fear………Connect To Your Power

From tiny sounds to performing with a microphone!


A journey of gaining confidence and experiencing joy through the power

of making sweet music together

A series of 4 workshops



“Maryjane is such an encouraging person and her passion and desire to share music and dance with others is clear.  If I am ever looking for a friendly face at the open mic events to calm my nerves, I look for Maryjane”

Long Weekend Musical Retreat

Immerse yourself in music for the weekend

Discover your true voice,

Explore melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and instruments!

Experience sound yoga and the power and joy of making music as a group






“I love her free spirit and energy on stage, it’s infectious and makes you want to get up and have a go yourself!”

Devotional Singing

immerse yourself in the joyous thrill

that wells up from the Heart



Private Coaching


This is IT! Your life NOW…Going by…Come And Enjoy the Joy of singing WHILE YOU CAN!

Release Your Fear and Connect To Your Power

I will show you how FUN can guide you to find the power of your own voice and reveal your inner glory (oh yes!)

Discover your brilliance, being, just as you are.

Enjoy The Joy!



“Maryjane has an irrepressible enthusiasm that shines through her music.
She has given me the confidence to stand up and sing.”

About Maryjane

 The singing dancing yogini

who believes in the sensibleness

of having FUN




Besides being a very fun instance, Maryjane is an excellent teacher, she gives you the confidence and kindness you need to flow through singing and sounds, very grateful to know her and the experience