Creating a World Where

Everyone Wins

receive this guide and you have provided a day of life saving water for a family in need 

this is made possible by B1G1

We all know that a Kinder World is possible.


We can feel it in our hearts; we want it with our whole beings.

We can feel the potential pulsing through us, the kindness we see in each other, in the small things.

As we hope for and take action towards creating a world that is safe, beautiful and loving for our children, we always come back to the realisation that this huge task, can only be achieved by the small actions we each individually take.

Creating a deeply fulfilling life for ourselves has the effect of simlutaneously Creating A World Where Everyone Wins.

I am so grateful that this is made so easily possible by the wonderful work of B1G1 who link businesses with people and places in need world wide.

Thank you for your heartfelt desire to Create Your Truly Fulfilled Life and consequently, A World Where Everyone Wins.

Look At These Beautiful People we are helping!

Impact so far…..

These are the places Know You Are Earth has reached so far.

I look forward to seeing many many more red lines!


We do have the power to make a difference and it feels GOOD!

Breathe it in.

Be Part of The Good Things Coming!