feeling freaked out, depressed and overwhelmed about the state of the world

can become 

the gift that leads us home

to the empowered clarity and joy

of knowing that the

Wisdom that Creates All Things is flowing through you, guiding your Life.

What if…we are here,

not to change the world

…but to be changed by Her…

…for the anxiety and noise of our world to be the gift!

to lead us home to the joy

of endlessly belonging!…

Are You Ready!

To Slip Through The Cracks Of The Ordinary World,

Home, To The Magic Where You Belong!


Slip Through The Cracks

Slip between the noise, rush and anxiety of a busy world

Re-awaken childlike wonder and return to the magic

Surrounded by the Wisdom that Creates All Things

We Straddle Two Worlds

The eternal and the temporary.

When this is honoured, our lives and our world become balanced.

One world is the human drama on Earth. Each one of us full with our own stories of why our fears are necessary and important. Getting up on time, paying bills, traffic jams matter..of course they do…

It becomes obligatory to worry, irresponsible not to watch the news. 

The magic of life slips silently by, leaving us clinging in grief and panic to a temporary life, increasingly emotionally overwhelmed about the way we have become.

The other world is the knee-bending, jaw dropping world of incredible wonder, that out of billions of possibilities and endlessly recycling atoms, a ‘You’ and ‘I’ even exist.

That you sit here now, able to understand small squiggles on a screen, interpreting instantly what I say and making choices based upon that.

The magic of Life sinks deeply into your cells stimulating awe, gratitude and humility, an uplifted heart and a peaceful mind, that together, we belong to ALL THIS! 


 Precious Feet, I invite you to join me to Slip Through The Cracks 

beyond the heavy concrete of ‘reality’ to the unstoppable joy of Life

where you are accepted exactly as you are.

The Course 

Who is this for?


….you feel despair and grief about the state of the world, but know that another way is possible…

….you love Earth and long to live in harmony with people and planet and yet feel guilty about your own resentments…

….you are exhausted, all your efforts to make a positive impact feel so superficial ….

….you are overwhelmed by the noise, rush and anxiety of today’s world, long for a magic you remember, but find that it slips elusively away….

This is probably not for you if:

…you want to find someone to blame

…are clinically depressed

…want to engage in political discussions

Modules 1-2



When you feel out of place, alienated from the world, 

as if you just do not belong in the madness of it all…


….but something in your Heart KNOWS that another way IS Possible!

Why Is This Important?

Our understanding of who or what we are, is fundamental to way we are in the world… to the way we behave, react and interact in the world.

It affects everything… our relationships with each other, with Earth and all Life.

Being inundated by almost unavoidable media, constantly repeating stories of increasing doom and gloom, is like poison being poured incessantly into your mind, leading to feelings of overwhelm about the complicated tangles of the world.

It is to disconnect from your power.

We are not separate from Earth, but part of Her.


The practices in these modules reawaken your ancient wisdom,

inherent within every cell of your being that you belong, endlessly…

The Wisdom that Creates All Things is flowing through You.

Until, despite the anxiety and noise of the world, you can hear the Wisdom and it will guide you.

The Lessons:

know you are earth


In these classes you will experience the magic in the most ordinary, your endless belonging as the fabric of the universe and …

as you discover that everything around you is a doorway to this wonder, the tight blinkers of important anxiety, slip away and an irrepressible joy begins to rise.

We work paticularly with ‘Nature’s Secret Agents’ (the birds) who become our allies and help the feeling of alienation from the world drop away.

you will gather your supplies, uncover the map for your journey, pack your bag with the nourishment and tools you will need and develop awareness of Nature’s Secret Agents all around you, here to help.

Module One: Foundations…


The Map, the Route and Compass

Introduction of the journey to come, the challenges and promises.

Where are you now?

Mapping your current life patterns and habits.


Nature's Secret Agents

Introduction to why birds can be one of your greatest allies on this journey of re-membering yourself as an intrinsic part of earth, full of the Wisdom of creation and how to easily find them near you, no matter where you are!


Orientation: “The ability to locate oneself in one’s environment with reference to time, place, people, attitudes and judgments”.

Re-orientation: In this module you double check how you are orientated, how helpful this is and how to use technology to help you reconnect to your place within the wider universe.

Your Sacred and Magical Life

Woman and Men

Using the magic of natural rhythms to move in harmony with Earth. Joy is born through the growing awareness of being part of wondrous life.

Being Earth


Recorded by the stream in the forest, it will remind you that you belong.

Waking the Body

Awakening your senses to experience the vibrancy and aliveness in your body of being naked in nature.

The Story of the Deer

Deepening the experience of Life flowing endlessly on and on through form after form.

Awakening Joy and Awe to be part of All THIS!

The Compass

The 13 principles that underpin and prove your unbreakable belonging to Life.

As these principles sink into your consciousness, your idea of yourself begins to change.


Where does it come from?


The first of a series of simple, yet mindblowing exercises (great for doing with children) to inbed the interconnectedness of all things

Nature is with Me

The next brilliantly fun game to play by yourself or with children to deepen awareness of being surrounded by nature wherever you are.

Seeing Secrets

Pushing the boundaries of our labels, this simple exercise (fantastic for all ages) dramatically changes your perception of materials we often don’t like….

The Universe in Your Mouth

The exercises continue, awakening the soul vitamin of awe through simple reality


The final exercise of this module reveals that nothing is left out of the dance of belonging.

Deep, unacknowledged (and perhaps unhelpful;)) attitudes are released around this fundamental building block of the world we have created.

Module Two:

Pack Your Bag


Sit Spot

Guide to finding the best space for you to expand into the world in all directions and experience how intimately you are part of it.

Discover how the birds are an extension of you communicating with you and with the world around.

Finding Your Birdfriend

Building on the work done in previous lessons, you are now ready to connect to a specific bird near you.

Awareness is wider, deeper, communicating through the heart.

The Story of Phoenix the Monk

A magical story of transformation through birdsong

Trail of Gratitude

It is well documented how a Gratitude practise can benefit your life.

This exercise takes it to a whole new level until you are vibrating with joy.

Change Your World Now

Indiscriminate thank yous, is like the unconditional acceptance that the forest gives you as you enter.

It is a conversation, not just an out pouring of gratitude from you, but a response coming back to you.

You belong. You are loved. Feel It.


Honouring your growing connection with birds.

The Winds of Time

Breathing Meditation:

Experience the intimacy of the life within your cells connecting you to all space.

And all time.

Timeless Wandering

How we are the same

The initial lessons from the forest and stream teach how nothing is wasted, everything is accepted, all is recycled and flows endlessly.

We learn how to use these lessons in emotional life.



Being Earth.


This story of chemistry deepens the realisation of the impossibility of being alienated from the world, no matter what is going on.

The Edge of You

Exercise to bring the accumulated atomic awareness from the previous lessons, into everyday life.

Finding Cracks

All that you have done so far is integrated into your daily life.

I offer personalised help if necessary.

I will pick you up on patterns I notice, offer suggestions for freedom and work with you to help make this transformation real and relevant to your life. 🙂


In our culture we shy away from Death saving lives at all costs, often beyond sense…as if death is a bad thing…or an ending.

This is a wonderful meditation to aid you on your journey to living the paradoxical experience of eternal life and death simultaneously.

You cannot help but be inspired by Maryjane.

She will lead you on a path of discovery.

A path that takes you back to the wonder and beauty of Nature and a door that will open your heart to the splendour of who you are.

Carol Lucis. Kent UK

To Slip Through The Cracks Is

Like Wiping Your Eyes And Laughing,

Suddenly To See What Was There All Along…

A Dream More Perfect And Wondrous Than Could Be Contemplated.

Modules 3-4


You become secure in your sense of belonging,

….but are still battered by overwhelming emotions….

wanting to do more in the world, yet feeling it is never enough

Why is this important?

Patterns of re-occurring emotion flow constantly through you.

In daily life, our emotions are our front line experience of being alive in the world.

Certain circumstances, certain people, even noises, can sweep us into reactive behaviour, out of control, unable to be the potential we are.

Many of them can leave you battered, exhausted, frustrated…

or ….they themselves can become THE doorway to a lightness, joy and clarity of seeing,

as well as access to the Wisdom and Power that Creates All Things.

In the next two modules you will begin the journey in earnest, discovering not only that you can cope with how you feel, but that these emotions that can seem overwhelming, are actually THE gift to bring you home to the magic where you belong.

The Lessons:

watching the eddies know you are earth

Lessons From Forest And Stream:

These classes are drawn directly from what the forest and stream teach, to enable us to use emotional overwhelm as a resource.

That which you literally could not bear to feel, will become a bell that you will delight to hear as it opens the door to clarity, empowerment, joy and again, your endless belonging.

You will learn from the forest and the stream how to integrate all the fallen leaves of your experience, 

How to use your overwhelm as a resource of the most wonderful nutrients for your strenght, clarity and resilience.

You will start to experience freedom from unnoticed traps laid for yourself.

Module Three:

The Journey Begins…

The Promise

The promise of what is to come.

Learning from the woodland stream about the way emotion flows. The joyful lightness of nature brings a different perspective to the experence of even the most heavy emotions.


Emotional Awareness

Exercises to heighten awareness of the automatic emotional responses of each sense of the body.

The Stream

Audio: The stream in the forest awakens awareness of the stream of emotion movingh through you.

The Sit Spot Within

Enter the sit spot within you from where you can watch the whirlwind of experience around.

Even the most ravaged mind will become peaceful.


Where does 'meaning' come from?

Mind blowing exercise revealing exactly how you create the world that you inhabit. 

How we create the world

Expansion of previous exercise. Experience freedom as your attachment to your labels on the world are loosened.

'Verbing' it up

Observation of how the language we use shape the world we see.

Experiment in trying something different and experiencing how it allows resentment to drop away.


Revisiting exercises to nourish you. Making them real, visible, physical in your life.

Check in with the Birds

Work that you began earlier with the birds will have progressed. This takes you to the next level.

Tracking/Animal Communication

Wonderful resource of inspiration to deepen communication with the natural world

Module Four: 

The First Task…

Exploring the Emotions

Progression of previous exercises to really awaken awareness of the physical consequences of emotion

Caring For the Emotions

Exercise from Vietnamese Buddist Thich Nhat Hanh. 

From being overwhelmed by a particular emotion, learn to integrate it fully into your being, giving you access to a well of energy.

Widening the Cracks

You discover how to observe the weather of emotion as it drifts by, so that you are no longer overwhelmed and blinded by it, but can see emotion clearly as part of the ongoing, endlessly flowing, always changing, experience of being human.

Maryjane is a modern day sage with immense wisdom to share. She walks her talk as an earth lover and guardian with great integrity and brings a fresh and deeply needed approach to resolving the challenges we face globally.

I would recommend her writings, courses and programs to all activists, change-makers and anyone wanting to wake up to a more empowered and vibrant relationship to life.

Sophie Jane Mortimer

Return To Your Original Instructions

 Nature’s Wisdom Is Your Guide

Modules 5-6


You become adept at using your emotions as the doorway to clarity, peace, and power

…but suffer from  the same ones re-occurring, resentment, fear…

Why is this important?

Our identity is made of the thoughts we believe and the attitudes that we cling onto fiercely.

We need to cling onto them in order to remind ourselves of who we think we are.

Often we are not even clear as to what our ingrained attitudes are and yet, on closer examination, it is revealed that they are the source of pain in our lives, unknowingly pervading the way we act and interact, often with those we love most.

Becoming clear on how our own thoughts and assumptions are trapping us in patterns of pain, opens the way to great relief and freedom.

These modules are an exploration of the roots of these thoughts, the power they have over our lives and the ways they are our own self created traps.


The Lessons:

watching the eddies know you are earth

Streaming Wisdom 

Experience the flowing patterns of creation, recognised by Earth’s people since the beginning of time, within you. 

You will discover how they play out in all areas of your life and how they are a Wisdom that can be brought through you in drawing, movement and even in speech in direct communication with the universe.

These patterns access deep secrets within you, a Mystery and a Wisdom beyond the definition of the words we know and enable you to receive the unique guidance that you need in your life…

the Wisdom of Nature flowing through you, flowing as you.


You discover you CAN make new choices, respond in new ways and the world around you begins to transform.

Nature’s Wisdom has a clear path to flow through your life.

Module Five: 

The Second Task…

Breath: Thought

And deeper still….

This module begins an audio immersing you deep within the forest. 

We begin our work with Thoughts


Loosening Tangles

“Uprooting thoughts


You mean MY thoughts?

Come on! Lets face it, who really wants to uncover and shake up the parts of us that make us who we are?

Who wants to let go of ‘being right’ about a particular attitude?”

This module is an examination of the truth behind the unseen forces within that are the seeds of fear, of anger, of greed, of war.


How to methodically become in tune with root of your patterns

Traps to Avoid

Common challenges that develop as your awareness increases and how to navigate them.


For when the mind is so wild it seems you cannot stop it, a physical exercise and audio to guide you

Module Six: 

Streaming Wisdom…

Rest here

As the practices from previous lessons settle within you, this is a moment to relax and ‘do’ less.

A presentation of the patterns regularly seen in Nature and guidance to recognising them within you.

An opportunity to consciously feel them flow through you and to use them as a source of Wisdom

Ceremony and Ritual

Continuing to relax, gentleness and reverence to sink into.

Body Prayer

Moving all that mental and emotional work into movement. This is another way in which the whisper of the Universe can be heard.

Practice Review

Sharpening the tools and refueling with nourishment.


Do not be Fooled

Habits of emotion and thought have become increasingly obvious, but this goes deeper still, through the net of patterns that creates your personality, to the pure essence that flows endlessly.

forest rain know you are earth
forest rain know you are earth
facedown on a damp bank know you are earth

I am so grateful to Maryjane. She was able to plough through what I perceived to be the challenges I face and pinpoint my ‘stuckness’ with such clarity and precision.
After a call with Maryjane, I felt gently energised, armed with a clearer, kinder and more nurturing way forward.

Mae Chee Shirley-Anne. Thailand

Arouse Your Ancient Wisdom: You Belong

Modules 7-9


Making it REAL, not because you have to,

… just because you can!

…but…you are tender, and the world outside remains the same.

Why is this important?

These deep and gentle final modules build on the emotional skills you have developed.

Faced with the troubled world, where doing SOMETHING is never enough..our motivation can be laced with fear.

This is a journey of Love.

Motivated, not because we have to, but just because we can.

Because as a human being, you have the incredible ability to transform energy

This shift in motivation changes everything. You discover that not only can you cope and care for personal pain, but even transforming collective pain.

From reacting to life, to becoming an artist of living.

Now it is time to bring it home.

The Lessons:

Dimensions of Gratitude.

We explore the many dimensions and implications of Gratitude.

Magic is revealed, glistening behind all that we examine closely.

It becomes easier to protect your mind from fear and to be lifted up to awe and wonder.

watching the eddies know you are earth

Using our uniquely human abilities to bring forth the world our hearts know is possible.

Module Seven:

Because We Can

Gratitude The Anchor

Anchoring yourself in the vibration of Gratitude.

Much more than a fleeting moment of remembering Gratitude, this is a day long exercise that seriously alters the world you inhabit!

Gratitude The River

Where painful emotions are deliberately used as an opportunity to connect again with the Wisdom that Creates All Things flowing through you.

Gratitude The Crack

Where that which you thought was holding you back, is realised to be that which helps you forward.

The Altar All Around You

Experience how the sacred altar space in your home is no longer restricted to a small space, but that you are actually on the altar of Life itself.

From Pain To Power

Passionate people deeply in love with earth, with life, longing to be of meaningful service to the world, can end up burnt out, overwhelmed, cynical and disillusioned by allowing the painful emotions to collect into stagnant ponds, rather than flowing through them

The next few lessons are about how you can take the skills and practices you have learnt to use on a personal level, on a collective level.

Learning From The Forest

A series of lessons from the forest that show us exactly how to transform the challenges of this time, into fuel for wonderful growth.

An Advanced Practice

Audio guidance from the forest and stream:

How to deliberately take something which shocks you into pain and transform it. Using it as a source of power, clarity and focus.

Another Human Power

The Imagination!

Building on the clarity gained through transforming pain to power, the imagination is engaged to image-in the world our Herats know is possible!

Thanks Be.



More On Gratitude

Using Gratitude to assume existence of your visions for the world.

And so...

Again, the Forest is our guide in how to use these magnificent human forms, for the good of the whole, acknowledging our place in the web of all Life.

Let's Dance!

Joyful, vibrant, sensuous celebration!

The symbolism of adornment and the expression of the creative force rushing through the body.

Module Eight:

Commitment And Service

Bringing It Home

Next step, how all that you have experienced might unfold in your life.

Body Prayer

Learning messages from the movement of your hands.

Where To Now?

Finding your path, your part to play, your participation in belonging to a Wisdom, greater than can possibly be known by a tangled mind driven by the need to be right, important or recognised.

What Other People Think

Freeing yourself from being held back from what you think other people might think.

Protect Your Mind

The preciousness of your mind and the power of influence…

The Story Of Narada + Vishnu

Classical story from India acknowledging the challenge of devotion, dedication and discipline.


A tool to design your life and garden learning from the patterns of Nature.

The Eye Of The Storm

Meditation. Joy and Wonder arises within as your experience goes within.

Module Nine:

Awe And Wonder…

Choose Awe And Wonder

Awe changes our perception of ourselves relative to the larger world. Stepping from the mundane to the magic. On Purpose.


Bringing awareness to the oft forgotten organs supported between the hips. Awe and celebration of your body.

Awe In The Awe-dinary

More awesomeness that is all around you in every day life. Vitamins for the soul.


How sound emanating from the throat creates the same patterns that you see running in streams, growing in all Nature.

Communicating with the Universe beyond words such mysteries and secrets that you did not know you contained.

Question and answer arising as one

Fly In A Bird

Audio: A journey within a bird

Bird Dance

Taking on the movement of a bird, embodying its Wisdom

Watering Seeds

Caring for the growth of the seeds of gratitude, joy, awe and wonder within you.

Now Zoom Out

Looking through earth’s eyes

This course has significantly changed my life. I have a higher deeper, broader perspective of the connection to nature and my part in it. 

I both see and hear better paying attention to the forever transforming atoms moving in and out of me/us!
My gratitude for life and for Maryjane’s work is filling my heart every day….. accompanied by the chorus of bird song

Charlotte Wennegram

Refugees choose your grooves
Refugees choose your grooves

How we work together:

Our work is deep and changes the world we experience. Yet it takes no time at all to implement.

Once you have enrolled, you are able to access each lesson when you have completed the previous one.

Many lessons are very short but require time to absorb.

They will help you shift into seeing with wonder, the ever present magic of the world.

You have an opportunity to do deep personal world towards freedom from self created traps, clarity of purpose and increasingmy frequent moments of joy.

I am also available to help you go deeper.

To work with me privately click here

This time could be the most wonderful gift

to bring us to our knees, to bring us back home….

this is the sound of earth turning know you are earth
facedown on a damp bank know you are earth
facedown on a damp bank know you are earth

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk Slip Through The Cracks in a city?

Oh Yes!

Most definitely.

You will discover that you are surrounded by Nature where ever you are.

The city holds the most wonderful surprises and reminders every where. 

I want my children to be more connected to Nature. Can I do this with them?

Many of the Belonging practices are really fun to do with children. Their curiosity and sense of adventure will aid your own journey. 

How will this help me?

Anxiety becomes your ally, doubt your doorway and fear your friend.

You will discover the ‘container of joy’ in which all else resides.

Your heart will be lighter, your mind clearer, your body more grounded.

All of these things will increase with time.


Will I have time for this in the midst of a full life?


The practices are natural, simple.

Your reflections take you deeper and help to anchor your work within your normal, everyday routine.

You need only move on when you are ready.

I suggest a gentle but steady pace and am here to help if you would like to go deeper.

For those of you who decide to include children, they will help you, it will become a normal way of deep listening.

After the immersion, you will be eligible for ongoing practice membership if you so wish.

What is the cancellation policy?

To enroll is a commitment and a dedication to yourself.

I fully support that commitment and do not offer refunds after enrolment. 

What happens next?

As soon as you have chosen your option and made your payment, you will receive a welcome email detailing all you need to know. (Remember to check your spam box!)

the forest sounds choose your grooves
we are not connected to nature choose your grooves
scientifically proven choose your grooves

Maryjane is a deeply wise, knowledgable, and gentle teacher, and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her.
During that time I’ve benefitted in many ways, but especially through the work that we have done surrounding dealing with our emotions.

For many years, my emotions were stuck in my throat and I had an awful aching feeling there, which is what was my trigger for drinking, because I couldn’t bear the physical feeling. Every day I went through the process of suppressing my emotions without realising what I was doing. I would numb myself with constant activity and needing to achieve things, always thinking of others and ignoring myself.

Maryjane has taught me how to welcome my emotions and feelings, rather than allowing myself to be threatened by them. This is helping me towards a more peaceful and compassionate way of being in the world and I have found this enormously helpful.

I cannot thank Maryjane enough for her patience, kindness and integrity, and for teaching me a new way of being in the world.
It’s helped me  to effect change not just within me, but it has rippled out in to my dealings with others and into the way that I inhabit the world in which I live.

Emma Hepburn. Norfolk UK

Maryjane’s process became my daily sacred space – the practice and support that Maryjane gives really feels like you are being supportively held as you dive into this amazing journey.

Maryjane has developed a process that feels effortless and easy – enjoyable! And also provides huge shifts in energy and how you feel.

In the space of a few minutes of listening to one of the steps, I can feel my mindset shifting and any heavy thought processes lifting.

The process is very empowering as it becomes easy to tune into using the tools and feeling just how effectively you can shift the way you feel.

The process has also provided many insights and I feel I know myself better, my emotional patterns, my thought forms – and everything just feels more whole. The way I prioritise, make time and go about my day feels more mindful.

This is a wonderful journey that I know I will return to again and again as I gain more and more insights and knowledge about myself.

Bethan Carr

You have done amazing things for me Maryjane.

When I first met you I was feeling very sad about life and seeing my existence as pointless, destructive and polluting. 

Your words really struck a chord. You are genuine, not phony. You’re heartfelt and loving. You believe. You made me believe, through your kindness and sincerity.

Your podcasts have really helped me appreciate what is most important to me in life, to aim to live in the here and now (it’s a learning process and not always easy), appreciate what beauty surrounds us, Nature’s gifts which we are privileged to enjoy and share. To understand what wealth really means.

Your beautiful, smiling welcome and your illustrative narrative, draws me into your world of simpler living, with heart soaring birdsong and woodland magic, which lifts my spirits during dark days and reminds me I’m not alone.

I’ve just started reading ‘The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible’ by Charles Eisenstein and I am so thankful that folk like you are putting anxiety and fear of change aside, to encourage me to see beyond the sad and broken world that overwhelms and paralyses me.

Shining a gleam of light, that doesn’t blind with power, but beckons me to explore further, so I can see there is a humble and gracious path to tread that can keep me safe from the abyss of greed, envy and hopelessness.

Anna Ballard

Maryjane’s Slip Through The Cracks Immersion:

I highly recommend this to everyone as for me it has been a magical journey filled with awe and wonder and connection to Nature, Birds and Life.

 Maryjane’s wisdom, passion and practices are so uplifting.

Her teachings showed me how to transform with all the doom and gloom we hear everyday, into gratitude of and for life and how like Nature we can regenerate and restore. I feel like I belong to Life again.

It has been a transformational journey and so Uplifting.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Maryjane for your practices, Wisdom and Passion.

I hear bird song and am filled with Joy, Faith and Gratitude and am so Grateful I am alive. 

Gayle Pilon

To work with Maryjane was a blessing at the right time for me.
I was burnt out because I didn’t listen to my body and felt so much stress.

This was a lifeboat that has saved me in many ways.

I am so thankful to Maryjane for giving me these cracks to slip through.
And also for the body prayer that feels like it belong to me and Mother Earth.

Thank you thank you thank you so much.
I strongly recommend it, it makes you feel more connected to the wonderful earth, animals, trees and nature we are living together with.

I notice the birds in a new way. I hear them,and I see them and feel them. They help me relax and give me more connections to the earth.

I feel like there’s a magic string that connects me with them.

They sing a new hope into my heart.


Hello, I am Raquel and I joined “Know You Are Earth” with Maryjane because I was feeling disconnected from the world and from myself.

This course really took my attention.

Besides loving Nature I loved the webinar about the magic of birdsong and their impact in our daily lives. 

It was very special to me give more attention and nourish the relation with birds during the course and, as we practiced the proposed exercises, the connection with earth emerged and deepen in a natural way. The barriers dissolved.

This course invites us to look at everyday life, mankind and nature from different angles and points of view.

With simplicity and joy, it turns our attention to the essential.

I became lighter, more conscious and able to embrace the magical in my daily life.


The opportunities to experience joy, intrigue and magic have multiplied since I discovered Maryjane.

Just listening to her podcasts and videos is like being guided into hidden worlds by a fairy.

What I find most intriguing is that the journeys with Maryjane somehow transform real life in a very practical, yet magical way. Birdsong is one of those magical ways.

Paul Widdershoven

Meet Maryjane

The birds ar calling choose your grooves

Maryjane has spent over 20 years studying the patterns of the mind and the patterns of Nature via yogic development, permaculture design and living remotely in Nature

Having throughly manifested her dreams, she discovered there is more to life than ticking all the boxes and is now dedicated to walking the joyful path of realising non-separation and endless belonging.

Long times spent sitting alone in remote forest has given her insight to our ancient way of being, of the body as a listening instrument, literally part of all the environment around. Being Nature.

Watching Nature has taught her how to imitate the forest and the stream, how to use emotion that we would normally want to push away as a transformative, renewable resource for clarity, empowerment, connection, security and joy.

Maryjane now shares the loving acceptance, the indiscriminate ‘ThankU’ and endless belonging of the forest with passionate, dedicated and devoted Beings all over the world.

Maryjane Claydon-knowyouareearth

May We Always Believe In Each Other.

May We Always Aim Towards What Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

May We Always Inspire Each Other To Go Further.


Thank you for your unique and valuable part in our journey.