Endless news of the madness of the world …

feeling distressed and stressed…

…not knowing what best to do…


You Are Wise

even when you don’t know what to do, there is part of you that knows the right answer

Slip Through The Cracks

of apparent reality

to the Magic

where you belong

20 years ago Maryjane followed her dream to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life, build a yurt in rural France, and connect deeply with nature. After long hours of observation and practice, she has learned the patterns of the mind and the patterns of nature, gaining insight into our ancient ways of being, literally being part of the environment that surrounds us.

Watching Nature has taught her how to imitate the forest and the stream, how to use emotion that we would normally want to push away as a transformative, renewable resource for clarity, empowerment, connection, security and joy.

Follow Maryjane’s journey and learn for yourself how to tune into your inherent wisdom and reconnect to your natural joy.

My Gifts To You

Joy when you thought all was lost, Hope when you had given up

a relationship that will never let you down, singing with joyful certainty 

Short meditations celebrating your unshakeable belonging to Life

Pain to Power

The Portal


Also Available


a realionship that will never let you down








 the dreaming mind


investigate the symbolism of your dreams

receive practical messages for daily life










private coaching