Choose your grooves podcast Everybody has Enough

Imagine a world where EVERYONE has enough!

Can You?
Quite possibly not since never in our lifetime have any of us ever experienced this.
Yet, in our Hearts, we KNOW a Kinder World Is Possible.
We LONG for this world.
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We know how to heal damaged land, how to create abundant food forests, how to generate clean energy.
But the prevailing mainstream media batters us into a dismayed helplessness.
It seems there is nothing we can do…..
Thich Nhat Hanh: (Vietnamese Buddhist Monk nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King)
“Every thought we produce, everything we say and do, is an action.
These actions continue forever.
They can transform, but like the cloud, they will not disappear.
We have to recognise the power of our karma and make a firm determination to be mindful of our thoughts, speech, and actions in order to heal ourselves and the Earth.”

When we are in shock and despair from the mainstream media, this is the frequency we emit into the world.

But we are incredibly powerful beings with the ability to Imagine.

Why would we have such a skill?

Everything wo/man made thing on this planet begun with the Imagination.

Now, in this desperate times of such a crazy-mixed-up world, it is time to use our imagination, take it back from the grip of the mainstream media, and choose another way.

Not because we have to, but because we CAN!

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