Bring your venue alive with music

Workshops tailored to the needs of your clients

Enrich your retreat with a healthy dose of song!

You will hear laughter and sounds of joy when you include music at your venue.

The power of song to heal the human spirit is immense. Intuitively used throughout time and place to express every emotion from grief to celebration, to sing out allows us the opportunity to release our fear and pain and connect with our power and joy.

I invite you to choose from my exisiting formats below, or write with more detail and I can cater to your needs.

One Day Musical Retreat

Experience the power and joy of singing together

A Weekend of Music

Luxuriate and indulge! An entire weekend of music and movement

Bedroom Musician to Open Mic:

Uncover and release your true voice

From Pain to Power:

Use the power of sound to relieve the weight the world and create Joy


Travel + relevant accommodation + 30% off price for workshops.

 Please email me here to discuss details