Longing for Nature in the middle of a city?

Surrounded by concrete, metal and glass.

Humming, roaring and rushing  around you.

Sounds and smells of a polluted world

Do YOU feel disconnected from Nature in a concrete jungle?

Anonymous buildings of no Heart.

This hard concrete makes my back ache to walk on it,

plastered over my darling Earth…..

Do you shut down your ears against the noise and rush to wash the pollution out of your hair?


to step into

Another Dimension


Don’t they say that beauty

is in the eye of the beholder?


Looking more deeply, more differently,

into the barren wastelands of endless concrete highways.



that surrounds us

is atoms of Earth

and Her Atmosphere.


Each thoughtless concrete lump

and quick metal shed, that houses endless possibilities to consume,

is made of Her.

Each atom is taken from Earth, mixed with other elements of Earth,

transformed and reformed until we no longer recognise our Beloved.


Wasn’t it  Jesus who said that the creed and the colour and the name don’t matter?

It is time to recognise sweet Earth in her incredible dimensions of constant transformation.


The concrete.

The metal.

The glass.

All Earth.

You are surrounded.

Maybe it is not what you wanted.

Not what you expected.

Not what you think of as being right and good.


But there is something going on deeper than we can possibly know.


Deeper into time than we normally look.

Deeper transformations than we dare to contemplate.


Lets Go Further…


The noise!

The traffic roaring outside your window.

This too, is Earth in miraculous transformation.

Atoms of oil transformed to energy, heat, sound.

Never leaving, never dying.

Just changing endlessly.

The smell!

The dance of exchange between atoms of all elements, creating vibrations that reach your spiral ears and nose.

Is it too much?

Isn’t it soooo incredible that NO Matter What,

We Can Never be separated from Nature!?*


How does it feel to know that,

even wearing a concrete disguise,

a mask of poisons,

the personification of noise,

that She, dearest Lover, Nature, Earth,

surrounds us continuously in manifestations we do not understand.

Things are not as they seem..

Recycle the Pain you feel for the World into a Power for Good!

How does it feel to look deeply into time and realise YOU are made of  endless recycling of atoms ?

The rising and falling, the constantly shifting sands of body and breath.

You can never leave even when you die, and you have always been here.

How does it feel to know you belong to this changing Earth so very intimately?

How does it feel to look with Earth eyes and be able to embrace all?

When we see differently, the world is changed.

Even the horrors we see in the world and ourselves are transformed as we look with Earth eyes.

Your pain for the world can be used as an immense resource for flourishing new life. Download your free guide here.



We can do this because we want to. Because it is FUN!

Transform your Pain for the World into a Power for Good