Nature’s secret agents

Our ears can reach places that our other senses cannot.


Penetrating into a dense bush, or through a wall,

sensing life around a corner or behind us.


Not long ago, the world was quiet of the noise of modern life.

Only the birds, the winds and the streams could be heard.

Can you imagine that?


Imagine yourself in a valley with forest on both sides.

Birdsong rings clear and pure, echoing around you.


Unlike today, when you perhaps unconsciously shut down your hearing to block out the noise,

you reach out with an eagerness to understand the world around you as much as you possibly can.

Drinking in the sounds greedily like the freshest breath of most delicate blossom that you just want to sniff forever.

Your ears can reach far, creating an enormous circle of awareness.

You move as a bubble of extended awareness, connected to the world around you.


For millions of years we have evolved naturally being part of Nature.

This has formed every cell of your being.

This inherent connection is the way you are.


Today we may mourn the fact that we often live in very noisy environments where this is no longer possible.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it is so easy to feel disconnected from Nature, lost in a craziness.


But it is possible to reawaken this under used sense to link us back into the natural world.

Yes even in a city!


The birds are messengers of Nature present in almost every environment, even seriously concreted ones.


I think of them as Nature’s secret agents.

When we start to tune into them, we suddenly become aware of how very much they do actually surround us, often completely unnoticed!

They see you. They are watching you, more closely than you would ever believe.



As you walk in your habitual way through every day streets, as you wait at your regular bus stop or sit at your usual cafe.


Start now, to reach out with your ears, and you will be amazed at how much bird song you begin to notice,

cutting above the traffic, even rushing past in a car on the motorway, their sweet pure, clear sound can be heard.


You will start to see they are all around.


Birds can take you by surprise.

You will notice them at an odd moment, or when engrossed with a deep serious thought.

That sound!

To lift your spirits, to put a smile on your face and love in your heart and a different perspective on Life.

To reawaken your ancient and unforgotten deep connection to being part of Nature, linked forever.


In the noise of today’s world, tuning into the birds, might be just the medicine you need.


But this is just the beginning.

We can go deeper.

Much, much deeper.


Join me on this journey, to Slip through the Cracks between the noise and the rush.

Remember you are part of Earth.

You belong here.

What possibilities become available as we open to the Wisdom of Nature within us?