The Magic of Birdsong

Every day, there is a bird watching you, singing Her song, with a message for you.

As a young mum freaked out by the noise, rush, endless reiterations of bad news and what to consume next (as advised by the media), I sewed a yurt and headed off into Nature.

The effects of birdsong were so powerful that I began to wonder what would be the effect on us as individuals, as a culture, as world creators if we were to tune into them. I researched it, did a Ted Talk about it and here is a webinar that goes deeper.

The most fascinating piece of research was this:

Listening to Birdsong, makes us feel more connected to the world around us, even changing the way we behave, becoming more generous and thoughtful.

In these critical times on Earth, arousing our ancient knowing that we are PART OF Earth, is essential if we are to continue as a species.

Birdsong offers a way to Slip Through The Cracks of the noise, the rush and anxiety, to a new perspective, a new identity, a new way of being on Earth.

I offer training on this topic that goes much deeper.