The Map, The Compass

and The Route.

The Map is the World as we know it

Massive wealth, extreme poverty.

Enormous pollution, loss of soil.

Lots of chemicals, lots of war.

Millions of refugees, climate challenges.

A constant stream of daily news of all that is going wrong.

Stress, anxiety, depression, a feeling of helplessness that we have gone so wildly out of control.


The huge potential you can feel within.

Your inner knowing of possibility.

Magnificent Human on an Incredible Planet.

YES! This is on the map too!

and it is just what we need to guide us

The potential, the place we want to get to.

It is a simple place of belonging, guided by Wisdom.

Caring for Earth, Caring for each other.

Abundant food, Everyone has enough. Fulfilling, creative livelihoods.

Peace on Earth. No pollution. All needs met.

Deep satisfaction, appreciation and joy of just being alive.


The Compass

Know You Are Earth

The bearing by which to steer

Knowing You Are Earth changes the world.

You are endlessly shifting atoms,

through all time, all elements

and every place.

You have no beginning or end

or edge.

You are forever becoming something else.

You are safe.

All Is Well.

You are part of beloved Earth.

She flows through you, around you, is you.

Accepting All, Giving All.

Sensuous. Powerful. Grounded.

To embody this, to shift into actually seeing and living from this perspective is a practice.

The Route

Know You Are Earth the compass, the foundation and the destiny.

A simple practice can evoke the knowing quite easily.

Repeated practice prolongs the moments of experiencing seeing through Earth Eyes.


The Obstacles:

And so daily life continues, with obstacles, demons, dangers, pitfalls en route

Your feelings are on the front line.

With such powerful input from the media,

the constant news of all that is going wrong can knock us to the ground in despair, disbelief and hopelessness.

Sometimes it feels as if ‘knowing what is going on’ is our duty, our responsibility.

Habits of reaction explode or cave in on us.

Habits of thought keep us pushing away the pain, preferring to blame.

Sometimes there is  almost an obligation to feel bad,

to fit in and to be good yourself, you must feel bad about which ever current issue.

But there is a way through.

A way through the pain, the habits.

A way to knowing you are safe and powerful and are making a difference.

A way to use your pain as a resource.

Use your pain for the world as a transformative resource

The first step.

Deal with how you feel.

This ‘in-your-face’ reality is unavoidable and when we don’t like how we feel we tend to push it back out into the world.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The pain can become a portal to a wonderful world.

The second step.

Understanding ‘why’ these feelings keep slapping us in the face.

Again, this is the threshold to a freedom so lovely, that I end up give thanks for the pain that delivered me here.

The third step.

Reaching a plateau after a long hard climb and suddenly seeing the most wonderful view.

The longing, the calling of the Heart’s Wisdom and the power to sow seeds of creation through the Imagination, unite to become a powerful team.

The fourth step.

Protect and nurture the mind, paving the way for habits of gratitude, wonder and awe to uplift as a normal part of daily life.

These worlds, the one of disaster and the one of awe are not mutually exclusive.

Rather they exist at the same time, the one of awe actually holding the one of disaster within it.

It is just that a lot of time, we find ourselves within the world of disaster with no possible way out.

When we continue within the disaster world, the lines of stress become etched upon our minds, our faces and our attitudes.

Our own fear, anger and powerlessness is sent back out into the world and contributes to the continuation of disaster.

This is not the world our Hearts know is possible.

The journey of the hero with 7.7 billion faces has to be taken by each one of us. Because we are Earth. We Are One Life.

Use your pain for the world as a transformative resource

My name is Maryjane. I am a yogic permaculturalist who loves pushing the boundaries of perception.
Utterly unable to bow to the rat race, I built a shelter in the woods when I was 18 and sleeping on Earth, began my intimate affair with Nature.
For the last 15 years I’ve been living under canvas in rural France with my husband and two children.
In the Forest I record a weekly podcast of hope (antidote to the mainstream news).
The sounds of Nature rouse the Natural Wisdom of our Hearts.
I believe when we listen to this Wisdom, we will create a world where everyone has enough.