The Reminder Birds.

We Straddle Two Simultaneous Realities

Reality One:

  • Busy, concrete, straight lines and to do lists.
  • Humming, whining, roaring, beeping and bleeping of modern life.
  • Surrounded by media that endlessly repeats all that is going wrong in the world, what to buy to be more beautiful/thin/etc/popular, or at least fit in.
  • The stress of how to succeed.
  • The noise of our mechanical, reactive thoughts and emotions of shoulds, shouldn’ts, can, can’t, like, don’t like,
  • The weight of fear and helplessness and despair about the state of the world.
  • Stuck in a sense of impending doom.

Reality Two:

  • Being part of something much bigger than ourselves
  • Awe and wonder
  • Being held and secure and part of it all,
  • Greens and blues
  • Surrounded and filled by the incredible wisdom of Nature
  • Relaxing into an inner knowing in our Hearts of our incredible potential
  • Enjoying the Wow of Now!

Two simultaneous realities.

Which do you most enjoy? Which do you spend most time in?



Because we are generally surrounded by endless repetitions,

on all forms of media, every single day, for all our lives,

Reality One is very often the one that we notice,

although Reality Two might be the one we wish we were in.



And yet entering deeply into the “Wow of Now” is very simple, movingly wonderful and always available (Hurrah!!)


Within the space of three breaths, or even just ONE!

we can become aware that this moment right now,

a full on sensuous symphony that will never, ever be repeated(!)


Suddenly, a vibrant lightness

changes everything

Life glows with a wonderful aliveness.

Awe, wonder and gratitude flood the body and mind,

changing chemicals in your body,

pathways in your brain,

ways of acting and interacting with each other and the world around us.


The tricky thing is remembering. (Hmmmmm….)


Aldous Huxley wrote a book called ‘Island’ in which the inhabitants on this island trained the Mynah birds to say “attention” and “here and now” to help them be awake to each ‘here and now’.

As you start to tune into the birds around you,

you will notice them more frequently.



The Reminder Birds


Our ancient companions in evolution, are always singing about the present.

They can transport us to here and now.

Without needing to train them to say ‘here and now’,

we can quickly and easily train ourselves to understand that this is what they say.


Do it now.

You can program your mind right now.

Next time you notice the delicious sound of birdsong, let it bring you into the wonder of hear and now.

Drop your worries, your ‘to-do’ list, relax your shoulders and your jaw.


May the sweet, pure, clear song of the birds

sing with your Heart

reminding you of the Greater Song of Life.



Enjoy this ten minute podcast episode to program your brain!!

In Joy.