Vision of Possibility - Know You Are Earth

The Vision Of Possibility



it has become normal

to repeatedly fill our minds

with all that is going wrong in the world!

But What Are We Doing To Ourselves!!!?

(image:Prottoy Hassan)

  • We feel grief, shock, helpless and dismayed
  • Paralysed by overwhelm about the state of our world
  • Levels of anxiety and depression are high
  • Our disillusionment increases
  • An underlying feeling of not being good enough
  • Undercurrent of stress affects health, relationships and work


There is a vision of possibility already planted inside you

of a KINDER World!

The wisdom of your heart, your guts, your cells.

The wisdom of infinite potential pulsing through you,

that already knows exactly how to create beautiful, abundant, diverse life so very well.

I call Her

Sweet Nature, Mistress of recycling, Greatest teacher of all, who we can rely on for All things!

What if…?

We change these cultural habits and patterns we have come to accept as normal…

this smoke of fearful confusion and madness of helplessness where we become disempowered on a daily basis.

What if…?

 We deliberately take the immense power of shock, pain and grief as it flows through us as a resource we can use?!

Just as Nature recycles everything  as a source of new abundant life, we too can learn to do the same with our painful emotions .

Recycle the Pain you feel for the World into a Power for Good!

When we see huge amounts of plastic pollution in the sea,

it is a reflection of what is going on in our inner world, the pollution within us.

What is our inner pollution?

Some emotions feel too awful to bear like grief, shame, despair, fear, anger or helplessness about the state of the world.

What are we doing to this beautiful planet?

How can we treat each other in these awful ways?

What sort of a world will our children grow up into?” (I understand!!)

We do not want to feel these things and often turn our pain into blame and push it back out into the world.

An unwanted leftover. Energetic pollution.

Thoughts and emotions are real things that affect the world we live in. Pushing our pain away is like filling the sea with more plastic.

We can recycle the emotions we cannot bear to feel in the same way that Nature recycles leaves in the forest and turns them into a useful resource, the nutrients for new growth.

It’s not just about doom and gloom and doing it because we have to save the world.

It’s about feeling the excitement and joy of creation flow through us.

Feeling Nature create through us with her infinite wisdom of abundant diversity

Because we can.

Because we are here.

Because we  are alive on an incredible, beautiful, bountiful planet in stunning bodies with all sorts of outrageous forms of life.

For a very, very short time.

Because it is FUN to feel the vision of possibility inside.

Will you stray beyond the bounds of ‘normal, into a vision of possibility?

Or stay trapped by convention?

What is the cost?

Do you want to change a habit that is strangling the true living force within you and use that power in an entirely new way?

Let the infinite power of the truth of you, clear a path to shine through and together we will create a world were everyone wins.


We can do this because we want to. 

Because it is FUN!


Transform your Pain for the World into a Power for Good