You ARE Earth. You Belong - Know You Are Earth

You ARE Earth. You Belong.


The Universe in your Mouth



Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in this world?


where it/we all seem to have gone so very wrong?

Like you are not designed to deal

with the horrors on the daily news

and feel so hopelessly, powerlessly, paralysed

in the face of it all?


by the endless,

busy noise of constantly scrolling information?

(image: gabriel jiminez)


Know that You ARE Earth

and know you DO belong,

You are part of all Life.

You are home.

You are wanted.

You are worthy.

You are loved.

Know that You ARE Earth

and know the Power of You.

The power

that creates all life

in such glorious,

abundant, diversity,

is flowing in you.

Know that you are Earth

and you know the Wisdom of You.

The Wisdom of Life

shouts in your heart

guiding you with

love and intelligence

in a way that no information ever can


There are different ways to remember and to actually experience the truth of this .


One of the easiest and most direct ways is through eating.

Do you have something you could eat near you now?

Or maybe you are all ready eating?

Or at the very least, imagine some food.

Any food at all from chocolate cake to roast duck, to sprouted grains.

It doesn’t matter at all.

In every single case, the ingredients of whatever you are eating,

ALL start from the same place.


Chocolate cake comes from…
Cacao…. comes from…
Cacao tree…. comes from…
Image: Jordane Mathieu
Image: Pablo Merchan Montes
Image: licensed for free use
Image: Gabriel Jimenez

All food comes from Earth

(Even if you are imagining roast duck, then you are just a step further along the chain and for the duck to exist at all, it must eat slugs that eat plants)

Nourished by innumerable elements

in combinations of magical nature.

Drawn up and infused by the energy of the sun,

the moon and stars at night.

Loving the rain, from clouds,

lifted over mountains carrying water from the sea.

Blown to be strong in the wind,

inhaling air that knows no boundaries.

All these elements go into EVERY Single Plant

that ALL our food starts as.

And then what happens?

Depending on what we are eating (or imagining)

various processes of transformation and mixing may go on.

The wisdom of generations of our ancestors that have played with and perfected ways of preparing the food.

And now,

with an unnoticed movement of hand to mouth, this wealth of elements of the universe enter our body.

A swift chew and they are gone.

Then, SOMEHOW, through magic, Earth becomes YOU!

This doesn’t just happen once, in this moment of remembrance.


With every single mouthful, it has happened throughout your life.

The constant transformation of all the elements of the universe into you.

You are built of Earth.

Nor does it end here!

With every exhale,

and every dust of skin

that falls

as your body brushes

gently against your clothes

what was once considered ‘YOU’,

returns to become part of everything else

(and maybe someone else later)

You are inextricably Earth. Forever recycled.

Return again to the true embrace of what you are

and the pain of disconnection in the craziness of this world fades.

See through Earth eyes and realise the unstoppable power running through you continuously.

Feel the Earth born construction that you are,

and you will hear more clearly the Wisdom of Nature in your heart.

Learn from Nature how to transform you pain for the World into a Power for Good.

My name is Maryjane. I am a yurt dwelling yogic permaculturist.

I will help you remember:

You are Earth: Know you belong.

You are Earth: Feel your power.

You are Earth: Hear your Wisdom.

You are Earth: We are one Life.

And ultimately, create a world where everyone has enough.