Choose your grooves Your heart knows it is possible, your head says how?

Your Heart KNOWS a Kinder World IS Possible, and your mind says ‘How?’

In the crazy tangle of a world gone horribly wrong, it can seem as if there is no way out.

We have tied ourselves so tight in complicated interlinking knots that it can feel as if we have to start all over again.

  • Is it better to buy organic food wrapped in plastic, or local food that isn’t organic?
  • Is it better to live away from the city and the pollution, or close so that you don’t need to drive a car to get everywhere?
  • Is it better to use solar panels that harvest rare earths from Earth, or nuclear power from the station that already exisits?


These and many other conundrums turn in the head and sometimes it can all feel so hopelessly difficult, it pointless to even try.


Enter Permaculture!

Choose your grooves Your heart knows it is possible, your head says how?


In Permaculture, THE Problem IS The Solution.

It is an approach to life that looks to Nature as teacher and finds a solution to everything.


Queen of Abundant Diversity.

You are Life Flourishing in Every Possible Location.

Highest Mountain, Deepest Sea,

Coldest Ice, Hottest Desert,

Lushest Forest, Cracks in the Pavement,

Freshest Flower, Slime and Rot of a Life gone by,

You are,

Unstoppable, Inexhaustable, Irrepressible.

“Nature bats last” (my mum says her dad said).

Ever present and intrinsic to our very beings, it is she who can show us the way.


Your Heart KNOWS it, but your mind wonders ‘how?’


Permaculture is the conversation between us and our greatest teacher.

  • listening to what she says,
  • understanding of what she means,
  • action of how to do.
Choose your grooves Your heart knows it is possible, your head says how?

It starts in small ways;

It has to, we are ALL in this together, no one is left out;

To create a world where everyone wins, does actually mean Everyone.

There is no separation, we are all limbs of this Beautiful Queen,

All over the world are Permaculturists (people who have learned to loosen their minds from the expectations of the world and who can hear and understand the ways that nature teaches)

The Wisdom she shows works in every facet a life;

  • from the board room to the garden,
  • from inner personal growth to a global community;
  • from the factory to the mechanics factory to the artists works shop;

it is a way of approaching life, a way of designing life so that we can meet our needs with minimum effort and pollution;

It is a way that offers tremendous hope in our troubled world.

No one is left out, we can all start right now, right here in whatever life we are presented with.

We are all involved. We are all an intrinsic part of life.