Private Coaching With Maryjane

Increase your joy sensibly having fun

With or without song, Maryjane will help you  transmute the pain that holds you back

into power and joy that brings you forward

The challenges we face in the world today can feel like an unbearable burden. Seeping into our minds, our thoughts, our feelings, the whole day, every action and interaction is affected by the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Of course we feel great sadness over the way we treat the planet and each other!

Of course we want to help, yet feel so tiny in our efforts

Dear one. Take some relief for a moment…book a free call with me here:

Maryjane has been teaching about using the energy of the grief and pain we feel for the world, as a transformative resource enabling us to cope with how we feel.

She now combines her love for sounding and singing as a way to help people release and relieve the weight of the world!

Sounding Song

Singing can feel like a vulnerable activity!

Maybe you don’t want to/dowant to do it…

The sounds we make come forth from our bodies, expressing our spirit.

Singing is one of the greatest practises for entering this magical now, every part of you engaged.

It is also way to access your tremendous power.

When you sing, your body releases endorphins, dopamine and oxytoxin….meaning that as a natural consequence of you singing, chemicals are released into your body making you feel more relaxed, happier, grounded and empowered.

It’s chemical.

As you develop a grounded confidence through singing, you will find it starts to give you the power to do things, to make connections with people that you may normally have held yourself back from.


I will work with you to develop both your proficiency and mindset for singing.

I am a Yoga teacher working with the body and mind, to relax and increase awareness, and can teach you how to empower your body with your voice.

If we were to have a session together, I would invite you over to the yurt where I live, listen and work with you with breath, movement and sound. We may even go to the forest for reflection and to draw on the Wisdom of Nature

You would need to bring outdoor clothes (boots) for the forest


-a notebook and pen

-a water bottle

-something to wear that is easy to move in for stretching.


If this is of interest to you, please fill in your email address and I will send you the short questionnaire to fill in to help me help you as much as possible in our time together.

Also! If you like, choose a song you might like to learn to sing (with me?) and email a link to your favourite version on YouTube




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