Yesterday I flew into Gatwick airport and caught a train to Brighton.

Scattered all over the seats of the train were copies of the traing newspaper ‘Metro’.

I couldn’t sit down without moving papers first.

The stories inside went from

1. CIA and M15 using  TV’s as a way to spy on people. (fear, powerlessness)

2. Difficulties surrounding Brexit. (fear, powerlessness)

3. Lots of small horror stories of individuals surrounding larger story of horror story of individual. (shock, dismay, hopelessness)

4. More of the above. (increased more of the above)

5. Things to buy so I can look better, gain more stuff, be happier (inadequacy, scarcity, needy)

6. Pop stars minutiae revealing super, extravagant lives and huge popularity (relief at lighter news, incredulity of their fortunes)

7. Lots more local horror, homelessness, drug, sex abuse, deception (fear, grief, hopelessness, helplessness)

8. More things to buy and beautiful, super rich celebrities (dissatisfaction, frantic emptiness, inadequacy)

9. On and on, more and more pages of the above. (increased experience and reinforcement of the ‘truth’ of the above)

10. Films to see, holidays to go on (distraction, definitely need it after all that!)

11. Crossword, (Distraction)

12. Restaurants, ads, ads, ads, popstars (I want more, different , better)

13. How to be thinner, discount healthiness and get a different job (maybe there is hope if I do this)

14. Interview with apprentice engineer (a government advert)

15.Sport (aspiration, wholesome competition superfit superheros)

This is the food for the brain, handed out generously, repetitively to the unsuspecting public.

As we imbibe this unbalanced view of life and generate these suggested emotional reactions, it becomes normal to live in fear, disappointment and disillusionment.

“For years we have been taking in this sort of mind food

almost as a cultural obligation that we should ‘know ‘

what is going on in the world,

or even as an addiction to the feelings that are stimulated

within us”.

In 1995, Professor Alvaro Pascual-Leone, of the Neurology department of Harvard Medical School, conducted series of experiments monitoring the way the brain functions.
He compared two groups of people. The first group practised a finger exercise on the piano every day, the second group imagined  practising the same exercise every day.
Pascual-Leone discovered that the same degree of motor circuits in the brain become active simply through using the imagination. 
For us, that has very exciting implications.
Or very disastrous ones, depending on how we use it.
Reading a newspaper filled with the sorts of things I mentioned above, and generating those emotions, wires our brain in very specific disempowering ways.
Repeatedly reading this sort of ‘information’ ensures that these circuits within our brains leading to disillusionment and disempowerment are well established.
We then live out these patterns in our lives, in our speech, our actions and interactions.
The good news is that we can choose.
We can become so focused and dedicated in choosing uplifting, empowering, and inspiring information, that these are the circuits that become active in our minds. In our emotions, our speech, our actions, our interaction and our lives.
We can live empowered, uplifted lives of purpose through choosing to focus on the world we wish to create.
Light, as we normally see it, is created of many light waves all with slightly different wave lengths. (The different wave lengths create the different colours in a rainbow).
To create a Laser Beam, a small ‘laser pulse’ stimulates all the wave lengths to become the exactly same length as each other, thus creating a powerful laser beam.
Only one tenth of one percent of the light waves are required to vibrate at the same frequency in order for all the others to shift and create this powerful beam.
What if we are all light waves?
What if one tenth of one percent of us (world population seven billion, one tenth of one percent is seven million) decided to focus our gaze on seeing a world where we care for the planet and care for each other?
Seven million, is not so many.
It means that every focused person counts for one thousand people.
It means that as more and more of us focus on the wonderful possibilities available, we create new circuits in our minds purely through using our imagination.
These new circuits then create new possibilities for us on earth.
When I got on the train to come back home, one of the same old newspapers was on the adjoining seat. A man got on at the next stop and picked it up to sit down, automatically starting to read it.
After a while he turned to me and said, ‘I don’t know why I am reading this stuff!’
I agreed with him and so we chatted instead.
We imagined getting on a train and finding the seats covered with papers that speak of how powerfully we are creating the world we want.
How appropriate technology is helping people world wide, of flourishing landscapes providing abundant organic food for the local people, the clean waters rich with life. About enormous forests that don’t need protecting because we understand and appreciate that their life is ours. About people living joyfully and creatively.
It was a good journey. We had fun.
While I was away I read a great book.
It’s called ‘Quantum Warrior. The Future of the Mind. by John Kehoe.
Some of the ideas in that book inspired this article.