Ep 111 The Night Air is Electric - Know You Are Earth
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The Night Air is Electric

with sounds that can warp your mind and shift your perspective. Sounds that links us to a reality greater and bigger and brighter than the one we normally see.

These sounds link us to all Life, bringing into awareness our unbreakable connection.

And you, dear Vision Holder I know you are,

one who feels the possibility and one who can see right now the wonderful kind world in which we live.

When we hear distressing news on the media and open our Hearts to receive the full force of that pain,

welcoming it in and letting it alight within us,

with a passion and clarity of vision, we can say

Thank you for Now being Exactly as it is,

and in doing so, we are instrumental in transmuting the collective pain in the world and changing the energy of it.

Thank you, dear Vision Holder, for the work you do in this world, healing the past and the future

in the ever present portal of Thank you of NOW.

You are more powerful than you know

Image: Timothee Duran

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