Ep 112 Call to the Vision Holders - Know You Are Earth
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Vision Holders

We have the opportunity, the strength and the clarity to be able to breathe in the collective pain of the world, present throughout history and evident in the daily news.

It can knock us down, or, we can take it in, open our Hearts and feel the waves take us.

As we experience the fullness of our grief, welcoming it as part of the experience of being human, we have the opportunity to transform it.

As we bow down in Grateful Acceptance of Now being Exactly as it is Right Now, in this moment of grief and pain, we are performing a transformation of energy.

That which came into us in its many forms of horror, goes out from us as gratitude for life.

May these sound awaken withinus the knowing that not only are we Earth, but we are part of each other.

We are equally the victims, the peratraytors and the transformers of this time.

Thank you for the powerful work you do in the world.

This is a daily practice.


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