Ep 114 Sound Waves - Know You Are Earth
storm choose your grooves

Sound Waves

What is it that creates that sound?

Al the elements are already here.

This Wild Power, that which forms the flowers, which creates the tension to make these sounds and this rain. It’s already here, recycled millions of times throughout all life.

The sound of the thunder was once a tree, the tree was once the soil, the soil was once a human being being, the human being was once some wind, the wind was once some gas, gas was once a flame, the flame was once your Heart.

Seeing with new eyes how we are all recycled, a part of all life through all time, all that has been and that will be!

My name is Maryjane. I am crouching under a peach tree in the pouring rain, and this is Choose Your Grooves, the daily podcast of Nature’s Wisdom Sounds. repatterning our minds again and again until we know we are part of it all.

I better go and close the yurt window. 

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