Ep 117 Nature, the recycling expert - Know You Are Earth
Nature. Recycling Expert Choose Your Grooves



In the Forest in the rain. The forest is the ultimate professional recycler.

All these water sounds are sounds of recycling. The stream to the sea, the sea to the clouds, to this rain.

Everything is used. Everything.

By my feet are the brown leaves from last year, breaking down and turning into next years soil. cell by cell, atom by atom. Everything is taken in and turned around into something new.

As we listen to these sounds of recycling in action, may they remind us that we too are recycled. Built of atoms that have been here forever, and will be here forever.

Each atom is 99.9% space and information.

Just as our physical bodies are recycled and here forever, so are the signals that we emit continuously while we are alive, in the form of our emotions.

The human race has suffered. No culture is free from having been taken over and broken apart; there is a lot of pain that is recycled through the soil and through our bodies; As we step into this new time with a new level of  consciousness, I believe we can be the transformers of this energy, the recyclers of this energy.

Turning waste into fuel for the future. turning the pain that we feel into a clarity and motivation and ultimately a thanksgiving.


Image: Romello Williams.

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