Ep122 There is Magic in the Air - Know You Are Earth
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There is Magic in the air.

Not ‘metaphorical magic, but Real Magic.

It surrounds us all the time. It enters us with every breath. It travels through our bodies with every beat of our Hearts.

In every atom around us is the energy and information of all people and time. All people that have been and all people that will be.

It is in the way that we walk, in the way that we talk. It is in the way that we see and hear and touch.

In this moment of Now, we have the opportunity to be transformers of the energy. There is ancient and recent pain and grief in the world. Universal and intensely personal, and in this moment, we can open the door of our Hearts and let it in.

Feel the vibration, the experience, the power of the pain that you feel for the world. Let it rip your Heart and rock your world.

As we open our Hearts to accept these feelings, we have access to the power within them and we can transform this pain in the atoms of the world into one of clarity and Vision and motivation and passion and love, compassion and thanks giving.

Buzzards! overhead.

With their clear sight and perspective on the world from high, high, high in the air.

A symbol of clear vision. May the Magic of these Buzzards inspire us. May we draw on their power and be able to see through the clouds of pain, to a Vision of the world where Everyone, everyone, has enough!


For Visionaries whose Hearts hold a Vision of a Kinder world.

Thank you for your focus and intention. You are a powerful force, together we are a powerful team.

Image; Christopher Cambell.

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