EP 125 Fox tiptoes in the hour before the dawn - Know You Are Earth
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Fox Tiptoes:

This is the very darkest hour. The most silent. There is a new dawn coming.

May these sounds relax you.

Rest deep on Mother Earth and in that surrender to her Endless Embrace, may we touch the Joy of Now.

With our powerful minds, we have the possibility to create, to step right now, into the reality that we wish to see.

Are you a Vision Holder?

Do you Know in your Heart that a Kinder World is Possible?

We have the ability to see it Now, to feel it Now.

In this quiet time before the new dawn, a new creation is springing into place and we can be part of creating it, to choose right now, to hold in our Hearts the Great Thanks Giving of all we are going through.

To know that as the fox tiptoes so silently at this hour, we also, with our silent Hearts can prepare ourselves for the world to come.

Vigilant. Seeing the Light, vibrating in each one of us, no matter what.

It is easy to be swept along by the surface illusions, the surface realities, but when we look more deeply, we can see and feel the ever present Love vibrating throughout it all.

The wind agrees.

To hold steadfast to this Love in times of such adversity is a role that not many will take.

It is a role that will anchor us into the Vision of the World we KNOW is Possible. 


Choosing to remember that We Are Earth.

We are Each Other.


Image: Jeremy Vessy

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