EP 126 The Edge of You - Know You Are Earth
 The Edge of You Choose Your Grooves


The Edge of You

The Wind is with us tonight. Soft and cool.

This is the podcast where Nature’s sounds help us to repattern our minds, reminding us that we are Earth.

All of us.

With every breath we take, we breathe in atoms that have been here forever, moving through all forms of life.

Every time we breathe out, we exchange part of ourselves with what appears to be outside.

A constant exchange of atoms. In and out.

In and out.

How many breaths have we taken?

How much has been exchanged?

Our breath is like the sea and we are the Earth.

Breathing in, pulling the tide in towards us.


Breathing out, the tide rolls back.

The exchange is so continuous. Inside, outside.

Where do we end?

Where is the edge of ‘me’?

Where is the edge of ‘you’?

How many times have we exchanged insides?

Is there anyone who has ever been who has not been exchanged with us?

Who is not part of us right now?

Billions and billions of atoms we are made of.

Each one on its own transformative journey.

In and out.

Inside and outside.

And after us, where do these atoms go,

Who will make use of them next?

The Earth, the earthworms, the tree roots, the tree leaves, a cows mouth, and into somebody else perhaps.

Maybe somebody hundreds of years and hundreds of miles from here and now.

A wonderful dance dances through us, inside and outside.

Inextricably part of All Life and All Time.

As we remember that we are part of the whole and see with Earth eyes, then we transform the world and we will create a world where everybody has enough.

My name is Maryjane. I am sitting wrapped in a douvet in a field in the middle of the night.

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Inside and outside.

What a wonderful, wonderful Life!


Choosing to remember that We Are Earth.

We are Each Other.


Image: Perry Grone

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