EP 127 Slip through the Crack of the Apparent World - Know You Are Earth
 Slip through the Cracks Choose Your Grooves

 In-between Times

Have you ever heard Owls really go for it?

At the very, very end of night,

before the first hint of dawn,

Owls announce a time of no definition,

of no labels, of all possibility.

May these sounds connect us to the gentle wisdom with ourselves.

The Wisdom that is Life itself.

Holding planets in place and singing in the stream

growing forests and children.

She runs in our veins.

The Wisdom of no labels.

enthusiastically creating, unconditionally accepting.

Unstoppable embracing.

May we always find ways to slip through the cracks of the apparent world into the magical, ever present world of Nature.

Even in the center of the most crowded city, She is running wild.

Her rhythms in your breath,

Her passion in your Heart,

Her Light in your Eyes

and Everyone Else.

Intrinsic, integral to being alive.




Choosing to remember that We Are Earth.

We are Each Other.


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