EP 129 I wish You were here - Know You Are Earth

 I Wish You Were Here

Today’s guest star is the wind.

I wish we could sit together in the Forest.

That you would feel under your feet, the forest floor, and lean your back with me against this tree.

All I can bring you are the sounds.

Here she comes; the Wind brushes her fingers through the Forest hair.

Rolling in like a wave from the distance. You can hear Her coming.

If you were here we could lay our heads together on this moss, that still holds moisture after this long hot summer.

If you were here, we could look together through the upright trunks of the trees and you would see the light dancing. Cobwebs appearing and disappearing. The first leaves of autumn beginning to fall.

If you were here, you would smell the blackberries. They grow at the edge of the Forest, fat and juicy.

In my mind, you are here.

We are all here.

In remembrance through these sights and smells and feelings and sounds, remembering that we are part of it all, growing just like anyone of these plants.

If you were here,

the silences in between my words would be so full, with all the other things to take in.

Through the Wind, there is a dancing in the Forest. Through the dance, there are places to slip through into another understanding.

As if a new sense has grown, somewhere between your eyes and your ears, where if they stretch together, they might meet, creating an entirely new sense.

Spiral Horns. Antennae, reaching out into the Forest.

Receiving information from every direction.

Alive, vibrant, bringing their energy back into an inner stillness.


Waiting. For nothing.

Watching it all, changing and moving.

each breath of the Wind brings something new. Something anciently new and never again.

I wish you were here.

I wish you could feel the pulse and the flickers of the Forest.

But maybe you can through this podcast.

And remember, wherever you are. You are part of all Life.

The pulses and the flickers are in your blood and your guts, your Heart and your Mind. The same endlessly flowing wisdom of Life.



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