EP 130 Thank You - Know You Are Earth

 Thank You.

We are not connected to Nature.

We are inherently, intimately and intrinsically Nature. The wind agrees.

It is the very last day of August, the end of the summer.

I’m sitting in leaves so dry and crisp with scars of their history, holes, through them.

And yet it was only a few weeks ago it seems, that each one of these was fresh and soft and bright green.

But the year spins so fast. the change is continual.

Now it is only three weeks until Equinox and then the nights will become longer.

It feels like a brilliant moment to give thanks.

Are there any moments that aren’t?

Thank you for these changes.

Thank you for the scars, the holes in these leaves, thank you for the scars and the holes, the experiences within each one of us. the compost for new growth and changes;

In Nature, nothing goes to waste.


And we too, can make use of all our experiences.

Thank you for it all, those that we call ‘good’ and those that we call ‘bad’. Thank you for the ability to name them, to judge them, to label and decide, creating our world as we do.

Thank you for this technology to record, and share these sounds.

And thank you for this wind.

To clean and refresh and bring new weather , news from another place in every atom.

Thank you for this Earth, solid beneath us.

Endlessly supporting us. her ridiculous abundance giving all the time.

Thank you that we might experience being Human.

To have eyes! to see each other!

Minds to think ideas and mouths to speak them out and ears to hear them come in.

Thank you for the range of emotion that comes as we interpret each thought. 

To be Human!

To be in this human suit and to look out through theses eyes and see the essence of ourselves in everything around us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for this silent August afternoon and the incredible contrast from spring time mornings , of summer nights or the rainy days, the thundery sounds, the sounds when the stream is running.

It is dry now.

There are deep pools that still remain , but they will sink further and the river bed becomes a magical path.

A point in the land where two surfaces meet and you can slip in between the cracks into another dimension.

These places exist in the city too.

It is where the wild things grow through the concrete.

Their hair-like roots growing into the crevices and growing so strong that they can actually lift the concrete.

It is when you hear the birds sing suddenly above the traffic.

And it is in theses moments that we can slip suddenly into remembering our Union with Nature. they are like secret reminders around us; doorways that go unnoticed.

But as soon as we look , they are there.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Sweet life that we are all. together.

Thank you.



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