EP 132 Earthworm - Know You Are Earth
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This is a rhythm of a September morning.

Last night it rained for the first time in ages.

A magical sound on the roof of the yurt. It rained hard.

Where I live, the soil is what they call five-minute soil.

It’s deep, deep clay and for a lot of the year it’s so full of water that it’s impossible to work, and then for the year it’s so hard and dry it’s also impossible to work.

And there’s five minutes in between the two where you can actually move it around.

Us, with our Power and yet within the soil and, at this time of the year where it has been so dry, deep, deep down as far as fifteen feet below us are the Earthworms.

These small creatures of insignificance. Ones that we do not usually consider beautiful. And after this rain of last night they will start to rise again.

They are responsible for moving tons, literally of Earth. Passing it through their bodies and bringing air into the soil. They bring up stones from deep down, and they take down organic matter from the surface and mix it up. Continually working with their tiny unnoticed ways.

When it has rained a lot, the soil here is covered with worm casts.

Nature in her myriad ways of Wisdom and beauty shows us through the Earthworm how small actions make a big difference.

Sometimes in this world it can seem as if the difficulties are so very huge that we cannot do anything about it. But the Earthworm teaches that with small actions and persistent movement, we make the huge difference.

Small actions like seeing the Light in each other’s eyes and knowing the Life that we share.

Small actions like a smile to a stranger that uplifts their moments and is then passed on and on and on.

Small actions like looking at our own bodies in gratitude and awe about the wondrous constructions that we are.

As we learn to cultivate awe and wonder and gratitude and joy within ourselves, these are the small underground actions that turn the soil and change the world.

Thank you, Earthworm for your humble appearance and your great, great works.

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