EP 134 Warp your Mind! - Know You Are Earth

May these sounds warp your mind!

Vision of Possibility Choose Your Grooves
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Welcome to Choose Your Grooves. The podcast of Nature sounds.

The Earth is singing.

Waves of sound move around the Earth in conjunction with the sun. The birds of the morning and these grasshoppers of night.

These are the sounds of Earth spinning in space. These are the sounds that we are designed to hear. The sounds that connect us to being part of all Life. The sounds that awaken within us the memory that we are Earth. We are part of one Life.

Everyone, everything, every animal and every plant, every mountain and every stream, every cloud and every breath.

All made of the same elements being recycled again, and again, and again.

Each atom on its own incredible journey of transformation. Anything that ever has been here on Earth is still here in the form of changing atoms and everything and everyone whoever will be here is already here now in the form of changing atoms.

I love to think of this. Life somehow is less personal and more universal when I think these things, I feel in a very real and physical way, that I am a part of you, part of this planet.

Like the tiny hairs growing on my arm, we are all grown from Earth.

This knowing means that we belong. We are part of all Life. We are home.

The atoms of Earth, winds, water and fire are intrinsically parts of us. As is all past and all future.

Embodying this knowing, changes how Life looks, how other people appear. It shifts perspective into an entirely different understanding of who we are, and I love it.

For me it gives me the ability to see with joy. To look at another person with awe. And to feel immense gratitude for the experience of experiencing as a human being for a moment.

My prayer is that the vibrations of these grasshoppers warp our minds, so we can see with gratitude and awe. And think and feel, speak and act, and interact with the deep knowing that we are part of each other.

And in all the small actions that we do through the day, from this perspective that we contribute to creating a world where everybody, everybody has enough.

My name is Maryjane, I’m sitting in the dark on a hill in France thinking of you.

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