EP 135 Imagine the world at peace - Know You Are Earth

Just Imagine! The World at Peace.

Vision of Possibility Choose Your Grooves
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This is the inside out podcast.

It is like an antidote to the news.

Instead of having information and images coming in to us that then stimulate feelings of despair, disbelief and disillusion about the World, this works completely the other way around.

These are the sounds of Nature today. It’s a bit cooler now and the birds start to sing again. And through their song, we are reminded that we are part of all Life and that this Life rose with the Wisdom that is inherent in all Nature in every stem of ivy that spirals around the tree, in every stream that rushes and every bird that sings.

It’s the Wisdom that grows trees and children and it’s the Wisdom that knows to create wonderful and abundant Life.

This Wisdom of Nature is inherent to us. Part of that Wisdom is knowing in our Hearts that we can live more kindly together on this beautiful globe.

And so, in this time that we have now, we can find the Vision and the feeling inside of a kinder world.

Just imagine, that you wake up in the morning and discover that all the world is at peace. How would you feel? How do you talk to your family? What do you talk about?

The world is at peace. Just imagine that!

We often use our imagination unconsciously to worry about things that we’d fear might happen. We don’t even realize it doing it. But we can consciously use our imagination and step into a world we desire.

A world at peace. Can you imagine what you might see on the news? Or how you might react to other people of other cultures, different religions, different colors and all the world is at peace and we can relax.


I wonder if you could hear my husband practicing the trumpet up the hill and Mr McNook with me, licking and panting.

To do this recording, I’m avoiding airplanes and cars. I want to bring you pure Nature sounds. Sometimes it seems really hard.

But even with these other sounds, we can imagine what we want.

The World at peace, a basic undercurrent of our entire existence here in our planet.

To use your focus and your intention in this way, is a powerful service that you’re doing for all of creation.

I don’t think that there are that many people doing it.

But when you focus your intention and your imagination, everything we’ve created on Earth begins with an idea, with a focus.

And as we, together take on this role, in the face of it all, in the face of all news of disaster or whatever, to be vigilant without focus. And to keep creating and recreating within, the experience of a World at peace where everybody has enough.

Thank you for your part in this creation. You are a powerful force and together we are a powerful team.

My name is Maryjane, I’m sitting on a damp hill surrounded by bramble bushes and these are the birds and all the sounds of this moment. Many blessings to you.