EP 136 Core of Earth - Know You Are Earth

Core of Earth

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6,371 kilometers beneath us is the center of the Earth. A molten core of iron so hot that it moves around continuously creating an electrical current. This in turn, creates a magnetic field that pulses through these thousands of kilometers of solid rock and out into space, passing through each one of us in the way.

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So, every moment of everyday and every night we have this energy from the center of Earth passing through us, energizing us, feeding us, nourishing us and at the same time we are irresistibly drawn towards Earth by the power of gravity.

So here we are, so closely bound to Earth.

Our physical bodies made the same atoms, the same elements that create trees, rocks, animals, clouds, rivers, mountains. Springs the well up out of this Earth.

All these are elements within us, within you.

We are as rooted in the Earth as a tree. We are like walking trees. Each one of us and all of us. And as we practice deepening our understanding of how we are so intimately part of each other, part of Earth. And we start to look out through Earth eyes and to see with a patience and inclusiveness that Earth has for us.