EP 137 Temple of Human - Know You Are Earth


Temple of Being Human

Image: John T


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It is dawn on autumn equinox and to tell the truth, there’s not a lot to record. It is the in between time, between night and day. Between the days being longer than the nights. And now entering this time where the nights will be longer than the days. It’s a shift and balance and here we are right across, right between the in breath, and the out breath. The darkness and the Light.


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There is a gift waiting for yousmile

This brink that we sit on all the time between awfulness that goes on in the world and the terrible pain that we feel and the utter wonder of now.

This blissful moment of aeroplane noise and almost no bird song where we are breathing, exchanging our inside with the outside so intimately.

Where sound waves are rolling in to our spiral ears and our minds are labeling and interpreting it all.

Faster than the blink of an eye, we create the world that we sit in right now.

This place is a temple, it is the temple of being human.

It is the place where the shadows hold secrets and allow our imagination to grow. The place where the Light shines so brightly and the wind moves everything so slightly that there’s not one single moment, it is ever the same.

It’s constantly flowing, changing whirlwind of sensation. A physical sensation of this moment. What can you feel? Where is your body warm and cool? Where is it relaxed? Or tight? All this information coming in.

The hearing, the physical sensations, the breathing, the thinking, seeing, feeling. We live in this dense jungle.

The temple of human on the edge between what we like and they’re like what we want and don’t want.

And on this magical, magical day of car sound and aeroplane noise, and almost no bird song, I welcome us into this temple of human of the turning seasons of this beautiful Earth.

To embrace it all, the dark and the Light. Just as Nature shows us how to with their patient acceptance and endless loving embrace. And mischievous winks.

In the end, it all seems so very, very much. So much that we know how to do and want to do. And so much we cannot understand.

The conclusion that I always come to is thank you.

Thank you. Thank you for now. Thank you for now being exactly as it is. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all that I like, and dislike. All the feelings I want, and don’t want. For all ways that I judge and create. For the experience, of experiencing. Happy equinox!