EP 138 Nature's Rhythms - Know You Are Earth


Nature’s Rhythms


Vision of Possibility Choose Your Grooves

Nature sounds throughout the year remind us that we are part of Earth. The sounds of the different times of year, remind us of the rhythms of Nature. The rhythms alive, within us. And as we relax into these natural rhythms, the Wisdom that grows all Life is more able to guide us.

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There is a gift waiting for yousmile

 To move through us in a flowing ocean.

These sounds remind us that we belong here. We are not connected to Nature. We are Nature.

We are as wild and as free, as the streams and the birds. We have the rhythm of the tides and the moon within us.

Action and rest, night and day, equally balanced.

In this world we go, go, go. The resting time is often forgotten or put aside as not so valuable. But in Nature, there is equal rest and equal action. Equal Light and dark.

As we relax more deeply, more often, this is when the true Wisdom, the brilliant ideas are born. Not through striving and trying.

And every single thing that is woman or man invented and created on Earth starts with an idea. The idea is the seed.

The ideas that we often imagine are frequently created as a result of the information coming in to us. We don’t realize we’re doing it.

But when we relax deeply and take some time free from the media and tune in to our own Nature. The sounds of Nature. The sounds of our breath. The rhythm of our Heart. Then this is where the pure, fresh, brand new ideas and imagination of pure creation.

The Wisdom of Life can be sparked within us and rise spontaneously. And these are the ideas that lead to a flourishing Life. Because these are the ideas that come without striving. Produced from Nature. These are the ideas and the imagination then knowing in your Heart that a kinder world is possible.

Because we are magnificent creatures on a stunningly incredible Earth. Belonging to Life and with Earth’s Wisdom rising up through us, pulsing through us with Natural rhythms.

And this is the Wisdom, Vision of joy and gratitude, and awe, and wonder. So, let’s relax more. Redress the balance as we move now towards the resting time of the year. Let those seeds of ideas start to grow within us.