EP 141 Badger in the Blackthorn - Know You Are Earth

Badger in the Blackthorn

Vision of Possibility Choose Your Grooves

This is the podcast of seasonal Nature sounds where we find the seasons of Nature within us and the seeds of all Possibility. I am sitting deep in a bush.

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The bush is a Blackthorn and it’s grown where once the land grew grape vines and then was cleared. The Blackthorn has grown up so thickly.

You’ll see in the photo that goes with this podcast and it’s so prickly and so dense, impenetrable.

Because of this, little seedlings have been able to grow safely. Now there are tall oak trees and ash trees and the Blackthorn is dying down, having done its job. This wonderful example of being a pioneer in a barren landscape with its prickly, defensive impenetrableness.

I’ve been crawling around in the bush I found a badger skeleton. Complete with a skull and all the vertebrae.

Inside each one of us are the seeds of every possible emotion. The ones that we water the most frequently are the ones which grow more strongly and play the largest role in our lives.

In the common culture of being media, we hear so many distressing things about the world and each other.

When we listen to the mainstream media, the seeds inside of us that are frequently watered, when we see the news of what we’re doing to Earth and each other they’re quite often the seeds of despair and grief and disillusionment, fear, anger, hopelessness.

We are like this Earth, and we need to protect our gentle minds just as the Blackthorns protects the Earth. So, these strong oak trees that support so much Life can flourish.

We need to cultivate joy and gratitude for Life right now to grow strong within our Hearts, within our lives, within our minds, within our interactions with each other and with Earth.

To water these seeds and protect these young seedlings. A way to do that is to turn off the news. Probably you hear about what is going on anyway.

But I often ponder the question. Which is more responsible, to know about all the disasters going on worldwide or to care for what we feed our minds?

Deep in this bush of prickly Blackthorn, this fierce protection to return this land that has been wiped clear, to Forest which is the most abundant and diverse form that Nature takes.

I think that we need to be as fierce with the protection of our minds as the Blackthorn is with Earth. And then water the seeds of joy and the gratitude of this never to be repeated moment. There- gone already.