EP 142 Beloved Nature Sounds - Know You Are Earth

Our Beloved Nature Sounds

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This is the podcast of our beloved Nature sounds as I change throughout the year. This is a very exciting moment. The stream has just started to flow after about two months of being dry. 

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The Forest is dripping with the recent rain and everything is looking fresh, bright, always like a second spring.

This water that is flowing past right now has travelled immense distances for huge, huge amount of time.

Who knows exactly where it has been?!

In the clouds as rain taken perhaps, from the sea by the sun lifted by the wind of the mountains and brought to Earth in rain travelling through rock, soil, through plants and animals.

Through the cells of bodies that have been.

Through the air as mist constantly recycled.

When there are these beautiful sounds, I feel almost speechless to add anything to their beauty.

May these sounds relax you as they do me. May the stream remind you of your constant presence here on Earth.

Throughout all time, recycled atoms, elements, chemicals, the very soil of your body having made the same elements, genus, through time and space as this water. Many blessings.