This  is the sound of Earth turning

Vision of Possibility Choose Your Grooves

These are the sounds of Earth turning towards the Light. The wave of dawn chorus across the globe as Earth spins round and round. And the bird song tells us of this spinning in sound.

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For thousands of years we have evolved with birds. Extending our ears out to listen to their signals.

They tell us of news further away than we can hear ourselves, of an animal passing or food being found.

Can you imagine walking in a world only of natural sounds? How we would extend our senses as far as we can rather than shutting them down to block out traffic noise or aeroplane noise?

And in that extension of our senses reaching out into the environment around us we become larger. Listening and communicating with a wide sphere around us.

The birds are seen in many myths as magical messengers of the divine. Their ability to fly to other dimensions is something I think we have all imagined and perhaps wished for.

These beautiful clear sounds. Hear how they are clear even above the traffic.

I think of the birds as Nature’s secret agents even in a city. There they are hopping around watching with their bright eyes. And with a wink and a nod, and a whirl of wings, they send their special signals to each other.

I wonder if you know of a particular bird in your Life, they hung out in the same territory so there might be one that lives in some trees near you and they see you and sing to you.

And in our Hearts we know we have evolved for thousands and thousands of years together with them.

So look out for Nature’s secret agents and listen for their ancient song. It awakens within us the ancient memory of belonging. Belonging to Earth. Being part of all Life.

My name is Maryjane, I’m on a misty early morning French hill. And the Earth is just waking up. And this podcast has been called ‘Choose Your Grooves’ but I’m changing the name to ‘Know You Are Earth’.

Know you are Earth and you know you belong.

I shall be away for a few weeks no but when I come back I shall record again the sounds for the year as Earth turns.

Know you are Earth and you know that you belong.

Know you are Earth and you know of the Power within you.

Know you are Earth and you can hear the Wisdom that grows all Life in your Heart.

Know you are Earth and you know of the infinite Possibility. The ability to adapt and evolve.

Know that you are Earth, and know that you are part of one Life, rest, held in this knowing.

Until next time, many blessings.