Face down on a damp bank

face down on a damp bank know you are earth

These sounds of Nature throughout the year remind us of our belonging to Earth. These are the sounds we are designed to hear.

These are the sounds that are hardwired into our understanding of Life. When we hear running water, it means it’s somewhere we can survive.

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My name is Maryjane and I’m lying facedown on a damp bank in the woods. It is my utter privilege and joy to be able to share these sounds with you.

For thousands, and thousands and thousands of years, we have evolved with the sounds of Nature. These are the sounds that were made for us. The sounds, we were made to hear.

Come and sit by the stream with me and let these sounds relax your mind and lift your Heart and remind you that you belong here on Earth. You are at home. You are an intrinsic part of all Life.

This flowing of the stream, this force, this Wisdom, it is flowing in you. This beating in your Heart, and flowing through your veins. It is grown your bones, and it is present in every single cell of your body. This Wisdom that creates all Life is in you.

I believe that it is this Wisdom in our Hearts that let’s us know that a kinder world is possible that we can live together in loving harmony with Earth and with each other because Nature, because Earth is so generous and abundant with her diversity.

She is so resilient and so adaptable. Shifting and moving and changing accepting all and recycling it into nutrient of a new Life.

May the Wisdom inherit within each one of us for a stronger and clearer. So that we can create a world where everyone has enough.

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Thank you for your Vision and your focus. You are a powerful force. And together we are a powerful team.

This is Maryjane from Know You Are Earth.