Forest Rain

face down on a damp bank know you are earth

Welcome to Know You Are Earth.

This is Maryjane and today I’m coming from the Forest. And the sounds you can hear today are Forest rain. It’s not actually raining, but it was raining last night. And so now the Forest is raining.

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Sometimes it seems as if Nature is just so mischievous!

Every time, I’m going to record a podcast I come walking and the birds are singing their heads off. I come into the Forest and they are singing their heads off and I stop in a place to find the podcast.

And as soon as I get my equipment out, they stop singing.

Honestly this happens every time!

I’m not sure why, I guess, well I mean, they’re watching. They’re watching all the time with their beady alert eyes. And this just proves to me, I’m very closely watched. (That’s Mr. McNook just shaking).

So, I’ll try and get more equipment out, I wait for about twenty minutes for the birds to stop being so suspicious on me. I would have thought they have known me by now, but I guess they don’t. Maybe it’s just their little joke.

These beautiful birds, absolutely in tune with the seasons. With their song, with all their activities.

In here, in this drippy wood, most of the leaves have fallen except the oak trees now.

All that was hoped for and wished for and aspired for and built and created in the summer is now going to rest. To be integrated as nutrient for new growth to come.

I think this podcast might turn into a bit of a kind of advice one actually. It’s so easy isn’t it with our busy lives. I have to take my daughter to school the same time every single day all year. It seems wrong to me. It’s not what Nature’s doing.

Now is the time to gather in, to rest.

(That’s a little breeze that’s making the Forest rain more).

I wish you were here. I wish you could see these colors. I tried to take a photo but it’s not the same. The colors aren’t the same. And I want you to be surrounded by this cool, clean air and these mischievous birds.

And these raindrops shining like silver on the end of every twig. The magic here is evident and so obvious.

It’s good to know that we are part of this wherever we are, wherever we are, wherever you are. You are surrounded by Nature even of the middle of the densest city, everything is made of Earth. Elements from Earth, just different arrangements.