The edge between forest and lake

face down on a damp bank know you are earth

I’m sitting on the very edge, the edge between the Forest and lake. The edge between land and sky. Right on the edge of the world just like you.

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There are some wonderful sounds here.

This edge between so many different environments is placed at incredible richness. The wealth of the water and the water sounds, the Forest and the Forest birds.And I hope that you are able to hear the whirr of the bird’s wings as they fly over head.

I sit here waiting so harvest the best sounds for you. But the whole time is an on going symphony of change.

Never again, all these combinations exist. Never again, all these moment be as it is right now and the sound is just one aspect of this magical endless changing, multi-dimensional love.

Those of you familiar with our podcast can probably hear that I’m somewhere different. And a jogger has just turned up in bright orange.

I’m sitting on a tree trunk and Mr. McNook, my faithful companion is very interested.

You can hear the sheep farm on the other side of the lake. I think a farmer has just turned up with his dog over there as well. So it’s all action here.

That is a crazy sound!

No matter what, no matter where, this moment will never ever be again. The way the sound is, the way the Light is, the way you are breathing, how you’re feeling, the thoughts you are thinking, the people you can see, never again will it be quite like this.

I think that might be a Heron making that noise. Just above me in the tree.