Watching the eddies.

watching the eddies know you are earth

Welcome, welcome to the stream. This podcast is dedicated to the Wisdom of Nature that flows through our veins and beats our Hearts so strong.

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I’m watching the eddies in the water. Completely silent although the rush from the rain yesterday makes the rest of the stream so loud.

In my mind I am giving thanks to these birds that they share their voices with us. They so often stop singing when I get my recorder out.

But today they told me to stop here, I know it sounds crazy.

Do you remember before, when we sat in the Forest surrounded by trees, unable to see very far. And so we stretch out our ears to the birds that we knew so well and we understood their language. And it is they that brought us the news.

Here comes the wind.

The Forest is nearly bare now, the ivy, green, one or two leaves fall. Place your thoughts upon this stream as each one rises and floats away like a leaf on the surface. Here’s another one.

On the surface are the eddies, and the leaves of our thoughts.

When I look through the surface there are the leaves and the stones on the bottom of the stream bed. And reaching out deep, deep below are the reflections of the trees above. Wobbling with the eddies.

May this cold stream flow fresh within you. May this fresh air blow clean through mind and may relax knowing that You Are Earth.

You are part of all this.