Woodpecker party!

woodpecker party know you are earth

Welcome to the Woodpecker Party! From where I’m sitting, I can hear at least five different woodpeckers. I hardly dare speak.

What an incredible difference in sound there is now even compared to last week. It’s not even an Imbolc yet.

Imbolc is the seasonal festival that falls between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. It marks the time when the first stirring starts to reveal itself. The snow drops, the buds getting really big. What comfort there is in these cycles. We are not on a linear trajectory where we have failed to live up to our full potential as humans. This is part of a spiral. With no beginning and no end. The bushman of the Kalahari say that when you notice a certain animal, its song or its track, a thin thread is created between you. As you notice again and again the same animal, the thread becomes thicker and stronger creating a link between you. You know of each other. You recognize each other. And this is like a strand in our web of connecting to all Life. A very tangible one, two at a time then. Is there a bird near you that you know and that knows you? This is Know You Are Earth. Strengthening our bonds of connection to reawaken the ancient memory that we are part of Nature.

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