Know You Are Earth:

The podcast to remind us, that we are part of Nature

May the Song of the Birds uplift your Heart.

As we remember that we are part of Nature, we understand our place within the endless cycle of Life after life after Life.

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woodpecker party know you are earth

The forest show us that all Life is recycled, form after form. From seed to tree to dead branch to mushroom to soil to grass. Every single atom is on a constant journey of transformation.

From the colour in an insect’s wing, to the energy that creates sound.

And there is a Wisdom, a wild Wisdom, to this immense, abundant diverse creation. It is the Wisdom that has built you. The very structure of your bones, your muscles, your organs.

That is the same Wisdom that creates all Life.

It grow your bones, as it grow the forest.

It flows in your blood as it flows in the stream.

And it sings in your Heart, as it sings in the song of the birds.

That’s my faithful helper Mr McNookster over there in the stream.

As we remember, truly remember, that we are part of Nature, which means, part of the endless cycle of Life after Life, the endless transformation, it means we can never leave even when we die and we have always been here as part of one Life.

And this is the reality. This is the truth. Let that penetrate your Heart and enable you to relax into the security of always being carried by Life.

We live in challenging times, but turning again to our true Nature, is a doorway into the real Magic that is ever present. It is the container of Joy in which everything else rests.

This is Know you Are Earth. This podcast is designed as an antidote to the news, to uplift and inspire, to ignite and invigorate.

These are qualities that we need now.

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In the meantime, stretch out your ears to the birds. Awaken your awareness of Nature’s secret agents with us in so many surprise locations, to remind us to see clearly the beauty of Now.

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