Ep058 Syria - Know You Are Earth
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A Radical ‘Thank you’ for Syria:

At times like this, with recent raw conflict in Syria, our cheeks ache with restrained grief, our eyes burn with hot tears and our guts clench with despair and hopelessness.

At each renewed reporting of Syria, as we recoil in pain, we have a new chance to turn and fully face ourselves.

To fully feel the raw emotion that rocks our bodies, our world, to feel the horror and look close inside.

What is it that rests at the center of each and every one of these vibrational experiences?

Could it be LOVE?

The kernal at the center of the seed.

The pain around this seed can be a resource.

 A trigger, a reminder, a motivation, an inspiration, a dedication to be passionate, vigilent, determined and clear.

It squeezes us so tight that our focus can become a laser beam that cuts throught our tight circles of habitual thought and reactive emotional responses.

As we touch and are touched by this kernal of LOVE at the center of the seed of pain,  there can be a radical eruption of ‘Thank you’.

Radical because ‘Thank you ‘ seems like an inappropriate response.

Radical because it cracks open our insistent clinging to opinions and judgements of good/bad, right/wrong, and gives way for the Power of the Universe to flow through us.

Radical, because in ‘Thank You’ we surrender to what is, and relax, trusting the Wisdom that creates all Life, is all Life.

Radical because ‘Thank you’ is a recognition of the unbreakable connection we have with the victims, the perpetrators, and the part we play in it all.

Thank you is radical because it is a doorway into another dimension, where even in the horror, we recognise that something immense and loving is going on behind the pain.

As we melt into ‘Thank you’, we become available for the Universe to work through us.

As we surrender and relax our will, we come into alignment for the far greater Power of Love to move through us.

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Image: Ben White

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