Relieving the Pain of this Crazy, Mixed-up World

Refugees Choose Your Grooves

Collectively we suffer a tremendous pain from this crazy, mixed up world we have created.

The climate, the inequality, the politicains, the normalcy of unkind.

It’s getting worse, it’s getting wild and we are hurting.

It seems there is nothing we can do.


Continuously assailed from all sides in this Magnificent Age of Information and Communication, we know immediately of all the worldwide horrors we do to each other and the planet.

We can communicate instantaneously to the other side of the world.

Access to all the information we could ever want.

As more and more of us go online with our businesses, it is recommended that we ‘post’ on Facebook a minimum of three times a day, ‘tweet’ a mimimum of five.

Some companies ‘tweet’ every half hour!!!!

We are given tools and agencies who will pump out more and more ‘content ‘ on our behalf to ensure we are not overlooked, that WE CAN BE HEARD ABOVE ALL THE NOISE!

We search Google relentlessly for answers to everything.


We respond continuously and simultaneously to messages in different conversations and are assailed by approximately 3,500 adverts everyday!

Relieving The Pain Of This Crazy,

Mixed-Up World


We have life at our fingertips

And it has become very, very noisy out here!

In all this noise, we have become deaf to ourselves.

There is a collective agitation and hyperactive thumb tapping that aches to soothe the itch that cannot be scratched, to satisfy that for which we relentlessly search.


To relieve the pain of this crazy, mixed up world.


Again we turn in hope to Google for answers, for reassurance from a platitude, for the key to success, for evidence of our popularity in ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and wondering if we have entered heaven by ‘going viral’.


We look for distraction from the unfaltering treadmill of the internet, the craziness of our world and the inncessant chatter of our minds .


And yet.


Right HERE.


Inside YOU is a Wisdom. The Wisdom.



It soothes that itch that cannot be scratched.


It fills cells of your body with a golden elixir of joy, wonder and awe for life.


It satisfies you with a deep peace.


The infinite intelligence that created this planet, the forests, the rivers, all creatures and all stars, created you.


Is You.


In You.


This is the source of original wisdom, flowing through you in a way unique to you.


More intimately than the skin on your face, ever present, this is the source that can guide you to exactely the right path for your life.


This is the true nature of you. Connecting to it relieves the pain of this crazy, mixed up world.

Connecting to the Nature of You fulfills you in ways that Google and Social Media cannot.

When we are under fire from the wondrous delights of the Age of Information, the noise is so loud that we cannot hear the ever present wisdom that resides in each one of us.

We lose the habit of looking within ourselves for the answers.

We lose the ability to touch the indescribable joy and fulfillment we can gain from the simplest, most easily available things in life.

We forget that we can find a way to relax in peace and trust.

More information is not going to help.

It won’t help you, nor all the problems of the world.

In the 1980s, we thought that more technology and more information would be the answer.

We invented wonderful technologies that were going to help us progress towards a ‘better’ world.

But it didn’t happen.

The problems that we were expecting our technolgies and information to solve, continued to increase along with the population which has almost doubled since then.

Now the weather patterns really are going wild, and so is human life. Inequality is extreme, our survival on this planet is questionable and we fear each other tremendously as demonstrated by some of the ‘leaders’ we elect.

We can no longer hope that technology and information will save us.

Gandhi famously said ‘Be the change you want to see’.

Easily said.

Now is the time for that change.

Now is the time to reawaken the ways of communicating with ourselves.

Of responding to our own inner messages.

Of connecting to the endless Innate Wisdom and Inner Power available to each one of us.

Of finding our own answers within.

And in doing so we will find the deepest peace, joy and reverence for life that we can never find on the internet.

A satisfaction that wells up from within.

A nourishment that calms and soothes our tweeting mind.


The Age of Information is evolving into the Age of Illumination.



But how can you beat a track through the tangled undergrowth of constant social media expectations?

The obligation to bear witness to the terrible things we do to each other world wide?

The traps of our own thoughts that bind us with shoulds and shouldn’ts, fear and competition?

It is all too much, too relentless to clear a path through.

One more Google search or Facebook scroll is not going to bring the calming stability available to you.

It is time to turn inside to your own ever accessible resources.

To taste the peace that is waiting for you.

Recorded in the wildness of a Southern French night,  sounds of nature arouse the Natural Ancient Blueprint within you reawakening you to the Infinite Creative Power and Peace You Are.


Relieving The Pain.


Connection: The Nature of You.

Born, and made of the elements of the earth, your body and mind respond to this nurturing wisdom that created you. This power and peace flows through you, is you.

Relieve the pain of this crazy mixed up world by finding your place in the cosmos.

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